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Existing customer offers and upgrades to FTTP only appear every evening when phone not answered

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Is this a joke.? Every evening I am told that the FTTP Data Only CFH is available to me, but when I call the 0800 0937307 number I am told that it is closed until 9:00 in the morning. The offer disappears in the morning and when I call I am told that it is not available to me. Every evening for a week this is happening.

I have checked with CityFibre and they say it is available at my address. I can see the fibre cables on the pole outside my house!! CityFibre tell me I can get it from 3 different providers including TalkTalk. I would switch to another provider if I didn't have a pipex email address which I want to keep. I know I can pay £50 a year, but would prefer not to.

Also, if I click on the TalkTalk link on the CityFibre webpage it takes me to a TalkTalk website offering me 3 months free. I then enter my details and displays "We've received your details. A member of our UK based team will be in touch to complete your order." I get an email with the same information. A week has passed an no one has contacted me. The email was from info@consumer.talktalkplc. When I attempt to reply I get "Thank you for your email. Just to let you know that we are unable to respond to you via this channel."
I have been a customer of Pipex/TalkTalk 2007. Up to now I have been very happy with there service.



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Hi @_kj__ 


The Future Fibre Support Team have a LiveChat facility from 9am weekdays and a freephone 0800 049 6253. You mentioned that you're looking for a full fibre connection and wondering if the CityFibre network can deliver that via the TalkTalk deal with CityFibre. 


 Future Fibre Support Hub (select and scroll down for Future Fibre LiveChat)


There are a couple of things that I think you should check out with the Future Fibre team.


First, you mention that you wish to retain the use of your pipex email address without having to become a subscriber to TalkTalk Mail Plus. The pipex email address needs to be added to an active customer MyAccount to avoid being limited to webmail only access. So you need to check that the Future Fibre customer MyAccount will have, by the time you upgrade, the feature to manage your TalkTalk Mail addresses. The initial implementation of a MyAccount for Future Fibre does not have this feature and its absence means you will need to request that the email address be safeguarded from limiting and deletion.


Secondly, the  Future Fibre package (Data only Fibre 150 and 500) is advertised as being provided with an Eero6 mesh Wi-Fi router / hub. If this feature of the full fibre package is important to you then check that the Eero6 is available at your location and with a CityFibre connection. There is small print in the offer that excludes some locations but it's not specific to say that those 'locations' are CityFibre connections or just, as it says in the offer, "a small number of locations". 


Let us know what you find.


Edit: Small print on the Sales page now says eero6 is offered only on the Openreach footprint not on the CityFibre footprint.

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