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Extremely Unstable connection

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I have enjoyed a amazing service over the years from TalkTalk with little to no issue untill today.


In CA7 area, halfway through playing my usual game i suddenly start cutting out a LOT sometime every min, router internet light don't change however, it litterally off then on again, but that cause serious issue with the game.


Browsing internet is also very unstable, sometime it works immediately other time it takes forever to load simple page, and sometime wont load page at all, again, router light stays green.


Doing service stabilty test online via site always says everything is fine, even if on a second window its failing to connect to another site.


I used a speed test about 10 times over about 15 mins, 8 times it connected instantly it worked perfectly, good speed everything, 2 times however it took ages just to find a server to connect too, tho test was fine when it finally did, but obviously not find in finding those server in first place.


in addition to this, prior to today going back over the last 3 weeks or so, i have had random long cut outs, where internet gone down for good 20 mins, often between 5pm and 9pm ish, tho at time i ignored them due to great service in past i assumed just glitch.


But recent stability has become extremely tedious, I am hope you can find route of the problem as I doubt its a issue at home, I am relatively computer savy, and nothing has changed recently, I done routine checks on my side.


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Hi braven25,


I'm glad to hear this and thanks for confirming 🙂





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Been good over the weekend, no issues that I noticed.

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Hi braven25,


Thanks for the update 🙂 How has the stability been over the weekend?





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Speed is good, its been 'mostly' fine, I did have a disconnect 1 night around 8pm for about 10 min ish and again another night around 12:15 am for less than 2 mins.




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Hi braven25,


Just to confirm, how has the speed been since your last post?




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Without changing anything everything is back to being fine and good, so they very little to test right now.

Test socket never changed anything other day when I was having issues.

But as I mentioned, I had quite number cut outs over recent months, maybe 1 or 2 a week, this particular was the worst of them.

So I feel it's more local area issue rather than a issue in the home.

Even looking in outage maps they seems to be number spikes in the area.



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Hi braven25,


I'm sorry to hear this and I'm just taking a look now. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault, however I can see re-connections on the line. Does your master socket have a test socket? Do you have an alternative router that you can test with?




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Wired I prob forgot to mention that in main post.



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Also, are you experiencing these issues with wireless or wired connections. Would be interesting to know if you do get the same problems on a wired connection, just to eliminate your own Wi-Fi as a possible cause.

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The street cabinet that your phone line connects to will hold onto a 'session' for up to 30 minutes after you disconnect, and you will just reconnect back to that same session if you switch your router back on whilst that session is still active. So powering off for over 30 minutes guarantees you will get a new session.

It may well not help, but it is always worth a try, and does save time if you can confirm you have tried that before the staff pick up this post to investigate further.

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I give that a try.


I have done the off and on for like 3-4 mins but not for that long.


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Hi @braven25 ,


The staff on this forum work normal office hours, but they should be able to respond early next week to help.


One thing you could try, if you haven't already, would be to switch your router off for over 30 minutes, then when you switch it back on it will force the equipment in the street cabinet to create a new 'session' for you. This can sometimes help resolve random connectivity issues.