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Extremely Weak Internet speeds

First Timer
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Having issues with slow internet speeds. Currently paying for faster broadband but i'm lucky if i get an upload speed of better than 5mbs


Currently average around 4.75mbps, sometimes as low as 1mbps upload speed.

Tried to follow all checks including testing into a master socket, removing all wifi or conected devices from the router, testing the speeds on the laptop through an ethernet cable to the router, the filter is plugged in correctly. and no avail or increase in speed.


Had these speeds for about 2 months now, Relayed it to Talk Talk who just say that there is a problem in the area - even though i've moved house recently (4 weeks ago), waited the obligatory 2 weeks in the new house so that the internet speed could settle but it just doesnt seem to increase over 5mbps.


Tried to talk to customer services and it just ends up with an automated message.

Tried the service status and just says that talk talk cant register or see the router?

Previous owners had Virgin media and their speed was 250+MBPS.


Any Help is appreciated before we switch providers.




Support Team
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Hi CRpilling,


I'm sorry for the delay. Just to confirm, is the telephone number in your Community Profile correct? Please do not post any personal information on the Community.