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Whizz Kid
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Hi, I received this message after posting an issue:

Your post - 'Bad WiFi range issue', has been identified as potentially being spam and has been held in our spam filters. If not spam, please contact us by posting in the community for the attention of the community team.


Please could you reinstate my post as it wasn't spam.




Support Team
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Hi gaahmad,


Tests are showing wifi congestion. Is your router situated close to other wireless or electrical devices that could be causing interference?




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@gaahmad wrote:

Thanks, but how would I know which part of it it's not liking?


Well there ya go gaahmad, no problem - yet - with the content of your repost; artificial intelligence at its best!



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Thanks, but how would I know which part of it it's not liking?

This is what I wrote:

I've been having really bad wifi range issues at home for a while now and was wondering what can be done about this. In the other bedrooms in the house, the wifi signal is very poor and at times unusable. Downstairs the signal is even worse and I sometimes can't even connect to the wifi.


I've tried changing the wifi channels, so have put the 2.4GHz to use channel 6 now as everyone else is using 1 (as was I) or 11 except for one person that is using 6, so that's the least congested channel and the 5GHz is now using channel 52, as all other 5GHz networks are on 36 (as was mine). However this hasn't made any difference.


My router is a DSL-3782 and I am on firmware 1.10t, Firmware Date: Dec 14 2018-08:01:02 (which is over 2 years old!) I was meant to be sent a wifi hub when I last upgraded my package, as I was having bad signal issues at that time as well, however I don't think that ever arrived or I may have just sent been the same model as I have now.


Would it be possible to send me the wifi hub that I was promised back then, as I think this will help fix the range issues.



Insightful One
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You might consider compiling your post a little differently, and reposting @gaahmad.  It would almost cetainly be less hassle; given my experiences!


These A.I. systems can be pretty stupid when it comes to interpreting even the simplest of statements!