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FTTP Free trial Culcheth= a scam to gather gigabit vouchers?

First Timer
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Hey everyone,

Back in March our street was canvassed with leaflets from TalkTalk offering a 6 month FTTP trial. We signed up and were told we had been accepted and would be connected as soon as we pledged our Gigabit voucher to TalkTalk. We did this and have heard nothing from TalkTalk since. We have tried calling the number on the leaflet and the email they gave us for if we had any questions, the phoneline is disconnected and the emails get returned with an error message attached. 

2 other neighbours also signed up for the trial, one pledged their voucher (and also heard nothing further) and the other has not yet done so, interestingly the one that still has their voucher is still receiving reminder calls from TalkTalk to do so. 

Is the free trial just a scam to gather the gigabit vouchers in the area? Or have other residents of Culcheth truly received a free trial?


Support Team
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Hi Docket,


Have you been in touch with our Future Fibre Team directly?


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