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Failed installation and 4th post!

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This is the 4th post in relation to this issue and still no reply.


I understand that talk talk probably have many issues to deal with during this time but I would very much appreciate some help.


I am a key worker working from home. I didn't even really want to mention that as I'm not any kind of hero like those in the nhs and working out in the public but the reason I say this is that the internet connection is very important to my work and currently its imperative I can get the work done.


An engineer came to install internet on the 6th of April. They were able to connect the internet but unable to put the line in for the fast super fibre connection due to the box at the end of the street being hit by a car.


Since then whilst we have a connection it's pretty weak so I've been unable to connect much to work.


I posted to ask what we do next as in my account it shows that we have missed the appointment.


I have now been sent a text this morning saying an engineer will be here on the 14th however what we don't know is if we will be charged as they did not properly fit the connection last time. If they will even be able to fit it this time and if they are even aware of the problem.


Please advise as we could really use some communication on this issue.


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I've re-escalated it again just now,  @Hannah24 .


That means that the thread has been escalated 4 times now....


The last time was 10th April and you posted on Thursday, which would normally have been reasonable. 


Just try not to touch it at all this time. 


Sorry, there is nothing else I can recommend. 


@Conor S-M, I am answering this thread after a day of work totally unrelated to TT. All that the Community Stars can do is nudge fellow customers in the direction of help when we have the occasional moment in our own busy days to sign in and try to steer things a little. 


We have absolutely no influence over who receives attention, when or by whom to resolve problems. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Appreciated that we oughtn't be over burdening the forums, but when a) we have to keep altering our schedule for engineers who can't do anything further, and also don't necessarily show up, and b) we don't know when/how much we will be billed, it is somewhat galling to get this chiding brush off from yourself.


I appreciate that COVID-19 has put a horrendous pressure on both the provider and the customer service department, and that vulnerable people need to be prioritised. But some rough estimation as to when we might possibly hear back about some potential resolution could at least be attempted, if that's not narrowing it down too much.


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Still no answer from talk talk. Again I don't want to overburdened the forum however isnt the point of this to get some actual advice.


I understand everyone is busy but we need some real advice. I can't access most of my systems and I need to be able to work.

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This is the thread to follow up on,  @Hannah24 :


Further threads will not receive a response any quicker and create unnecessary extra work for an overburdened forum. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.