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Faster 150 Fibre without Openreach Modem?

First Timer
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Hi all,


Our Faster 150 Fibre go live date was today. The engineer came out this morning, before our router had been delivered. He did some stuff in the house, went to the cabinet and then came back to the house. He said he was sorted and all we had to do was plug the router in.


The router arrived. I've plugged it in. Now it's just got an orange light in it that's slowly flashing on and off and we have no internet. I know it can take until midnight for the service to activate, but I have had an email to say it's up and running.


What's odd is that all the forums and instructions say an Openreach Modem is needed, but the engineer didn't set one up, or leave one. I already have a MK4 socket. The router came with the power plug (in 2 parts) and two ethernet cables. It didn't even come with a broadband cable to connect it to the socket. The instructions say the engineer should have delivered the Openreach Modem and the cable (I do have a cable from my old BT router though - BT previously was speeds up to 70mbps ish)


So, my question is, will my Faster 150 Fibre work - at the advertised speeds - without the Modem? The support team seemed to suggest it's not needed, but all the instructions - and every other forum post - seems to say it is.




Support Team
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Hi OrrMan,


I'm really sorry to hear this. Do you still need us to look into this for you or have you contacted our Tech Team since your last post?




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This is what everything I've read says and exactly what I'm expecting.

I have a chat log from TalkTalk's tech team telling me that I don't need anything else and that I don't need a modem. They said it'll be up and running tomorrow.

Tech team: "An open reach modem is not necessarily needed for your set up as when we are running checks and you have this connected we normally ask you to disconnect this."


Me: "So an openreach modem isn't needed for Fibre 150?"


Tech team: "Okay, normally your services would go live at 12 midnight, this is due to the fact that on your go live date your services are activated to connect to the TalkTalk network and once this has been activated you will then be able to connect. By tomorrow morning you will be able to connect to your internet home connection."

I'll be on the phone first thing tomorrow if it's not working. I've told them I'm self-employed and can't be without the internet, and if the modem is needed, then the Openreach engineer hasn't done his job and TalkTalk have outright lied to me!


Team Player
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Afraid not, you need the modem if you want it to work with the TT Hub.