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Faster Fiber with speed boost--Slower Speeds

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Been away for a few days,left modem switched on,tested speeds after returning home yesterday,and they have dropped quite a bit,on the downside,upload acceptable.I was reaching almost constantly ,down 53 mbps.and up 11.7 mbps.Now on returning home-down is 44.3 mbps. and up11.1 mbps.(hardwired ethernet to pc).I then switched modem off for about 40 minutes or so and connected to test socket with just hardwired ethernet connection to pc. and results not much difference--45.0mbps.down and 10.9 mbps.up.Any modem disconnections showing are by myself,re-setting modem.I have the latest modem which has been rock solid with no disconnections. There does not seem to be any noise on line.

I have had openreach engineer out about 4 times earlier in year,testing line,as I was only achieving about 40mbps. down then.He could not find any faults in my home set-up,he cleaned some connections outside at telegraph pole and line connection box at my roof,and also re-set system.All has been ok. after that until now.I am about 400 yds. from cabinet,and engineer said,as my line is copper,from cabinet,I would only be able to achieve around 53 mbps. down,and 11.0 mbps. up.I would like to achieve the readings my system has been reaching all year,up to this suddend download drop from 53 mbps. down to 45.0 mbps.I have left connection in test socket.


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Speeds today---44.8 down-11.0 up.
modem connected into test socket-cover removed.
just hardwire ethernet connection to pc. to take speeds.
Upload speed acceptable-but not download speed.

Support Team
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I'm sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults but I can see re connections on the line which can affect the sync speed.


Would it be possible to leave the router at the test socket for 48hrs, without rebooting the router to see if DLM increases the sync speed?


If the sync speed doesn't increase then we can arrange an engineer visit.