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Faster Fibre line speed below guaranteed speed

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Our line polls below the minimum guaranteed speed for the connection, fairly consistently over the last year or so!


I believe with the faster fibre boost, we should be well above 40Mb.  I've been through some online chat troubleshooting and even though the router has been connected via the test socket for the last couple of days, it hasn't changed anything yet (DLM from reading previous posts on this topic?).


The service centre gives the following readout:


Est. speed: 48 Mb - 73 Mb
Measured speed today: 36 Mb


From poking around in the router settings, it looks like the maximum rate claimed is currently 40Mb... 


My order confirmation from when we took out the service claimed:


Minimum Guaranteed speed



Download speed

54Mb to 74Mb


Upload speed



(actual upload is under 5Mb from speedtests).  Oddly when looking at the sales pages, it looks like the packages have changed and the guaranteed speeds are now lower?!


Can someone take a look into this one for us?




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No other options provided, just offered a package at £24/month (with a minimum line speed below what I currently should have, per this thread).


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I understand. Did our Loyalty Team advise if they can make any adjustments or offer any other options?





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I've been referred through them (I think) via the chat function - this is where I was able to confirm the minimum guaranteed speed had decreased from my current amount (and previous, as previously mentioned).  This would be at a slightly lower cost to us than the current package, but that would be appear to be inline with the current Talktalk prices anyway.


Monthly cost isn't our major influencing factor, the element that has been frustrating is that we've been paying for a service that hasn't been met; whether that is us paying £31 (current) or £24 (renewal), it isn't inspiring confidence if Talktalk are reneging on their side of the minimum speed guarantee.  If we'd not paid a third of the bill each month, I'm sure Talktalk would want a word 🙂


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Hi Password


I'm sorry to hear this.


Have you contacted our Loyalty Team as they can check your package and confirm the predicted speed range for your line.






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Apologies to dredge this one back up from a week ago, but felt it right to document our position.


As an interesting coda to this thread, I've just had my upgrade/renewal notification through on the My Account page, so out of curiosity, I've clicked through into it. According to that, the maximum speed we would be guaranteed should we renew is 27Mb, far below the 38Mb originally guaranteed at the start of my current contract (and 48Mb before that!).


I can also see the Faster Fibre contract we're on now doesn't exist and appears to have been replaced with Fibre65 (this is the package we're offered as the renewal). Whilst this is a logical parallel package, I'm only getting Fibre35 speeds and have been for the entire length of my current contract! So we're left with the position that either the infrastructure in our area has degraded to service levels of many years ago or we've been oversold (pandemic caused increased demand?) and have paid for a boost that was unobtainable (and could renew to continue that).


Will consider our options as 30day break comes in a few days. Thanks for support assistance to date.


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Had a similar story involving my mum, she had a British Gas service appointment which was arranged in October, first available date then was not until mid-January. She has just been told that this has been cancelled because they are currently dealing with emergency/urgent issues only. 


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I'm really sorry for any inconvenience 


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That's understandable, but also feels like an Openreach problem to resolve


We'll consider options, thanks


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Hi Password,


I'm really sorry about this but we've had an update about engineer visits and unfortunately we are unable to book engineer visits for speed issues at the moment due to Covid restriction, I'm really sorry for any inconvenience



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Sure, if it helps, I'm ok to cover the potential charges.  I don't think there is a problem with the line inside the property, but if they want to snoop around the cabinet, cool.


In terms of availability, any time is fine - appreciate this is Christmas/New Year leave time, but someone will be here as we WFH




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Hi Password,


If you'd like us to arrange another engineer visit can you confirm 

  • That you accept potential Engineers charges
  • Provide availability, either AM (8am to 1pm) or PM (1pm to 6pm) between Monday to Friday.




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Thanks for the reply 🙂


As before, I'm not sure what another engineer visit would solve and isn't something that we would be willing to pay for without a clear positive outcome - if TT want to fund that to help solve the problem, then we are fine to try.


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If you remain below your guaranteed minimum speed then all TalkTalk can do is offer further engineer visits, maybe in the hope that something previously overlooked can be fixed. If it can't be fixed then you have the right to cancel your contract without charge and move to another provider. That's about it, really. 


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Screenshot 2020-12-21 at 18.15.46.png


For posterity, this is a copy of the lookup from that link.  I'm below the threshold you mention and also below the minimum for both clean and impacted lines.  


Will another engineer visit confirm these positions?


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Thanks for the link again.  It shows I am below the handback threshold for the service (and far below the guaranteed minimum given at contract) - what do I do now?


Do I wait until 5th January (30 days after I began this thread?) or does someone contact us for more information?


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The ISP needs to be signed upto the scheme.

Your Cabinet/Connection needs to be in good order, otherwise switching ISP just takes the problem with it.


The above link will give the local street cabinet you are connected to and the 5th column will have the appropriate value.


There needs to be a 30 period where Openreach / Your ISP attempt to bring you upto speed.




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Thanks.  Not sure what that would resolve given the supposed all-clear from the previous engineer though?!


In terms of consistently being below the guaranteed speed when I took out the contract, what are my options here?  A previous link in this thread mentioned a handback threshold (that we are below) that could lead to service transfer or price reduction


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I understand and I'm sorry to hear that the speed hasn't improved. If you would like to go ahead with another engineer visit at any point then please let us know and we can arrange this for you.





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No explanation from the engineer, seemed confused as to why the speed wasn't close to the guaranteed min level but didn't offer any alternatives!


I've not seen any changes in the speed/line quality via DLM since and we won't be paying for subsequent engineer visits at this stage.


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Hi Password,


Thanks for the update, sorry to hear that there's been no speed improvement. Did the engineer have any explanation for the low sync speed?

All we can really do is arrange another engineer visit as there's nothing that we can do remotely to increase the speed