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Faster Fibre with speed boost won't connect at my usual speed

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 two weeks ago I thought I had a problem with my broadband connection. I had lost the broadband connection and suspected it to be the line. after many tests and having a new router sent out it turned out to be my router that I was using and the firmware which some how had updated and altered the routers settings. (Netgear D7000 nighthawk). Since plugging in TalkTalks own router (Sagem Fast5346-3) , it now only connects at 25Mbp and an upload speed of 12Mpb. My old speed was always around 38-40Mbp and 15Mbp respectively. Ive also now sorted out my original Netgear router, this now connects but also only at this speed (25-12). Ive tried all the tests recommended, trying both routers, Im connected at the test socket now permanently, I've replaced the filter, turned off my routers for over an hour multiple times and then reconnected but still it only connects at this speed. The line doesn't drop or fault out, there is no phone connected, its only used for internet. Its as if I'm being throttled to 25Mbp. I've ran the tests and it comes back as ok but you need to check you home set up???

Would it be possible to get someone to investigate this problem at your earliest convenience, I've been in multiple chats about the problem and gotten no where.

I attached a pic of my TalkTalk routers  xDSI info if this helps 


Many thanks David

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Hi Winkle,


I'm sorry for the delay. I can see that the fault has been raised to Openreach, please let us know how you get on.





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i hope so, thank you very much for your help.

Many thanks David

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Ok, the staff on here should hopefully be able to pick this up on Monday or Tuesday, they will be able to do some more detailed diagnostics on your connection that might show why your speed is not what it should be.

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also my line has been on for over a week now and if anything my lines speed has been reduced slightly after one of the TalkTalk agents told me in chat they had adjusted some settings to improve it. 

Many thanks David

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hi, no my lines been fine, it was originally at 38mbp then when the problem of the router loosing connection due to the firmware started and then when the new talkttalk router came, it connected straight away at 25mbp and then either router hasn't connected at anything higher than the rate stated. Ive never had any probs with my line, always connected at a good rate not matter what. since my router firmware issue its all gone pear shaped.
Many thanks David

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Hi @Winkle ,


If the problems you have had recently have been causing your connection to drop a lot, or if the troubleshooting you have been doing has involved you connecting / disconnecting a lot then this could have triggered DLM to reduce the speed of your line.


The Noise Margin shown in your image is pretty high, so this could be why your download speed is lower than you expect. One reason for the Noise Margin being that high could be that DLM has adjusted your line to try to stabilise your connection.


Just leaving the router switched on 24/7 will allow DLM to start to increase your speed again, although it could take a few days to a week before you start seeing an improvement (if DLM wants to adjust your speed you will see your connection drop in the early hours of the morning, this is just DLM dropping the line so that it can reconnect again at a higher speed).


If DLM is the issue then the staff here can also help resolve the issue by resetting your line, this will basically tell DLM to start afresh and forget about any previous issues on your line.


The TalkTalk staff on this forum won't be around now until Monday, so it is unlikely they will respond to this thread until early next week.