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Faulty Router? [Sagemcom on Fibre Broadband]

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Hello All,


I read the below thread, after having some problems with my internet connection...


Over the past week, my fibre broadband has started dropping-out at seemingly random and frequent intervals. Sometimes it is only off for a minute-or-so, other times it can take 5-10 minutes to re-establish itself.


The router was supplied by TalkTalk when I upgraded to Fibre, and is the Sagemcom unit, with the single status LED. This light is either White, when it is working correctly and the Wi-Fi network is "Up", or it is Orange, flashing when connection is lost, or alternating Orange-to-White when it is trying to reconnect.


I spoke with TalkTalk, who tested my line and could find no faults remotely. I had originally called them to advise, that I had noticed the bracket connecting my line to my house, was not securely affixed to the wall. When I pointed this out, they made arrangement to get a BT OpenReach Engineer to visit me.


The engineer visited Saturday just gone, 24th October.  The chap was ever-so helpful and explained what he would be doing to try and rectify the issues. He told me the line test had shown a "bridge-tap", which could be caused by wiring within my house. We only have one other socket in the whole house, so we removed the phone from the extension socket, and he re-tested; the Bridge-tap was now gone. He then replaced the fascia of my Master Socket, providing two separate connections, one for telephone, one for the broadband. We replaced the long ADSL extension lead with a shorter, higher quality RJ11 to RJ11 cable. He then went outside and replaced the bracket to ensure the line-in was secure and rectified.  He told me it would take at least a couple of days for the router to "settle-in" and fully re-establish the Wi-Fi network around my home, which I quite understand.  Before he left, he re-ran the line test, and everything checked-out, green ticks all over the screen of his mobile device. Finally, he said that, if after a few days to a week, the problem has not disappeared, then it may likely be that my Sagemcom Router has developed a fault, and I should ask TalkTalk to send me a replacement.


The chap from BT OpenReach was a delight, and went further than he needed to try and help.


Today, we are into Day Three of the Broadband still dropping-out. All external wiring has been checked and verified as working correctly. Everything from my Master Socket outwards, has been tested and replaced accordingly, except the Sagemcom unit.


Last night, I conducted an experiment, and asked my family (there are Five of us) to switch ON every device we have to connect to the Wi-Fi, in an attempt to see if the drop-out was being caused by too many devices trying to share the bandwith. We had 16 items successfully connected, and I could not get the darn thing to boot us out!


So, I'm at a loss, as to what else it could be APART from the Sagemcom router?


Am I in the right place, btw?


Thanks everybody,








The Force shall set you free

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Hi JediJonny81


Great news 🙂


If you post again, I expect the same level of story telling please 🙂


Have a good weekend 🙂



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Good Morning Debbie 🙂


Thank you for your reply.


I am pleased to report that following Alex's visit, we saw one disconnection whilst he sat in van and ran his final test, but it has been flawless ever since 🙂


I am very glad you enjoyed my account of the tale; I must really write more stories more often, it would seem! 😄


Thank you once more to all involved 🙂

The Force shall set you free

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Hi JediJonny81


Can I start by saying that this is one of the best posts I've read on this Community, it read out like an action story.


I'm so glad Alex got to the bottom of this fault 🙂 (or top I should say)


Has the connection been ok since your last post?





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Since last I posted, the unexplained outages have continued. I received the following text message from TT during Saturday 31st October...

  "TalkTalk Update: We've sent an engineer to fix a problem with your line and we're now monitoring it. Your connection might take a few days to adjust. If you find that you are having any further issues after 2 days please go to your online service centre

where you can live chat to our support team."


The broadband persisted with it 's repeated disconnections for the remaining portion of Saturday, along with all of Sunday and Monday morning. Now I had waited my two days, I visited the link as instructed above, and went through a short series of automated online diagnostic tests. It was very simple to use, and I like simple 🙂

The outcome was, that a fault had been detected outside my property, but not at my property, and an engineer would be designated to investigate further. Once more, I received a confirmation text message:


   "TalkTalk update: We found a problem between the exchange and your home, and booked an Openreach engineer to fix the fault within the next 2-3 working days. There is no charge to you and you do not need to be at home. We'll update you when it's resolved."


A little after 3:30pm today, Tuesday 3rd November, my fianceé spots an OpenReach Van pulled up on the shared driveway. After a minute or so, we get a "Rat-a-Tat-Tat " on the door, and we have Alex, come to save the day 🙂

We chatted at the door about the happenings thus far, then he was offered a drink, and I invited him inside, so he could conduct his own tests and determine the root cause. Alex made sure the replacement fascia was securely attached, and upon beginning his investigation, a fault popped-up immediately; I felt like shouting "HURRAH!", as this has been the one and only time to date, that the blessed contraption has misbehaved when I needed it to 🙂

Alex traced the fault to an external location, close to our address.


It was at this point, I accidentally grassed-up Paul from last Saturday a bit... Sorry Paul 😞

You see, when Paul was with us a week ago, he joked with me that " least I don't have to climb up the telegraph pole today!"

         Alas, guess where our Alex was headed?


After twenty minutes or so, I heard that now-familiar knocking at the front entrance; Alex had returned, safe and unscathed 🙂  He shared with me the wonderous tales of his expedition. Once all the dust had settled, Alex revealed the culprit, as a badly weathered outer-sheath on the connection, atop the mighty snow-capped pole.


He rechecked and double checked everything was in-place indoors, re-ran his diagnostics and a 5-minute data test, everything checking out,  A-OK !

*Crowd Goes Wild*

He left us in awe of his true magnificence, and as a Master offers knowledge to his student; he declared:

               "You may still lose service...Twice, no more, no less. BUT FEAR NOT, JONNY, (Yeah, that's right ; I'm on first name terms with Alex, check me out!) it'll just be OpenReach verifying the fault has gone and it's all working as it should, then the other'll be TalkTalk running their own verification, so they can close the case off."


...*Jaw drops to floor* WOW...

Little did they know, but Exceptionally Useful Information tid-bits and ultrasonic waves of Empathic Reassurance, oozed from Alex in abundance, like liquid gold, trickling down Mount Olympus from the heavens.

He took my offers of my exceptional gratitude on the chin; they were absorb professionally and graciously. He didn't want a drink, but we can forgive, in time 🙂


...And with that, Alex rode off into the sunset, fading into a mirage, disappearing amongst the night, stealthy as a shadow, now nothing more than a distant memory of the happy times...


Overall, I am pleased with this outcome. Thank you to every single person who got involved and offered advice and suggestions. The whole thing did go on longer than I'd hoped, but I was kept up-to-speed 99% of the time. I'm quite glad I didn't need the new router and I wish to commend all the representatives from both TalkTalk and BT OpenReach. You are humans-beings too, like my family and me, and if dealt with above all thing, politely and decently, instead of impatiently and aggressively, they WILL persist in getting to the bottom of things to the fullest of their abilities. Having the personal, human touch these days, goes a very long way in my book, the way it should be....

                                                                 THiS iS THE WAY 🙂


The End 😄

The Force shall set you free

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Thank you, I will definitely put the suggestion to them 🙂
The Force shall set you free

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Sounds like issues i had with the sagemcom after it got upgraded to firmware level 2816t

TT replaced mine with a DG8041W router and all issues were resolved

If the OCE cannot resolve your issue with the SageMcom router ask them to replace it with the one i mentioned above. Pretty sure they would oblige.



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Thanks for the guidance; it is much appreciated:)
The Force shall set you free

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Hi @JediJonny81 ,


The staff here won't be around now until Monday, but they should be able to respond to this post early next week to help.


They will be able to check your connection for issues, and may also be able to do some diagnostics on your router. If they feel a replacement router would be the next best thing to try they will be able to arrange that for you.


For one of the TalkTalk staff on this community to be able to look into this you will need to update your community profile to include your name, landline telephone number that your TalkTalk service is provided on & an alternative contact number. This will allow them to identify you, and they will then be able to help.


Don't post any personal details in this thread, just add them to your community profile.