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Fiber 150, issue disconnection/reconnection while no issue were detected from check

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Hi, from this morning I'm having frequent disconnections from internet. 


My sagemcomm router had white led, but had also vlan errors into log. 


Initially, after a chat with agent issue seemed resolved, but now, still disconnecting every 5 to 30 minutes. 


Router dashboard told me that I'm connected, but I cannot browse, ping, dig or any other ash command I tried to check connectivity. 


Tried to switch off both router (openreach and tt), alternately, simultaneously, reset tt router to factory default, unplug replug, using eth and wifi, changing eth cables, checking dsl cable, wall plug, tried from all devices (TV, Android devices, desktop PC with Unix, laptop with w10).


Cannot image what I can do more. 


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Hi albezzz


Ok, if you would like us to look into this further then please let us know.






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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk


Please do not do anything. The connection now, even if really below the guaranteed speed, is working fine I never had disconnection. 


Unfortunately this significant connection speed drop will cause issues, and very likely will finish that I'll ask for cancelation.


I'm quite sure that situation can only get worse if I agree with technician to check the line. 


And as I'm working from home it is not a good thing at all.


This post I'll consider closed. 


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Hi albezzz


I can see that OCE_Michelle advised that the line test had detected a possible fault. Would you like me to raise this over to Openreach to be investigated further?






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I feel better as I'm not alone, still frustrated. I paid for speed and I can share screenshot of a speedtest over wifi with my phone on same desk where there is router. 


Maybe downgrade will help. 


What makes me angry, anyway is that on chat you feel like they are robots, even if I can understand that they cannot type everything that they have in mind. But I got everytime same reply. 


I tried to have same talk with Google assistant, at least Google was able to help me with weather. 


If speed will fail 2 more days I'll ask for cancelation, but I'm not happy to do. And if I'll do. First I'll check new provider customer service chat. (by the way plusnet and talktalk had same system and almost same set of reply, so I'll not consider plusnet as possible choice. 


Within 10 days I'll have also new contract with downgrade, so that means a new appointment, new welcome set... Very disturbing. 


So this thread can be closed, as it will not help nobody. 


Same as customer service that cannot handle issues. 




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I see im not alone. I have same problem since weeks. I even tried with 2 new modems. They f***** up something. Time to move to vodaphone

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Also I do not have landline.

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Yesterday I had long, where it seemed that the issue was on my home setup, at first glance, after, within another operator, seemed that issue was with external line, so I had to book an appointment, that I had to cancel, as I asked for downgrade, as the 150 faster Fibre is not faster, neither close to be a fibre connection, or good at all.

So now I'm waiting for downgrade, hopefully that will fix the issue, as I didn't had any solution from CS and any other choice.

Of course I had to do a new contract, but hopefully I'll exit from this infernal hole. If not maybe cooling time could help me to prevent to going mad with talktalk, and I could move without s***posting about how bad it is talktalk "service"

Support Team
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Hi albezzz,


I'm really sorry for the delay. The line test is now detecting a possible fault. Please can you check and confirm if the voice service has a dial tone/no noise on the line and I can pass this straight over to Openreach for further investigation.





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Best weekend ever. I had several disconnection... Fines for 4k for missing deadlines which will be deducted from my salary. Guys from chat told me that I cannot move without paying fees, as I missed the cooling time (4 days late) of 350 pounds. Technician will come in 2 weeks, and I could be charged if the issue it is not on the line, same line that shows, on the online check that was up and working whilst I didn't had any connection. Changed cables, replaced, check that all the connections were fine and not loosen. Restarted and magically, still issues.


I'm into the biggest infernal hole. 


Just as a new update for community users. 


There are only 2 things in this life that I regret : 1 is the missed Pink Floyd concert in Venice, and the 2nd is when I made a contract with talktalk. And I cannot see Pink Floyd's videos now.


But line is absolutely good. 


I'll recommend talktalk to everyone that I hate. 


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Did it several times. 


Sometimes worked and I didn't had issue for hours, sometime it took 1 hour before to get connected, sometimes after reboot all lights turn on, but trying to use with cable, I wasn't able to connect and then suddenly light switch off (internet and dsl) 


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I had exactly the same problem I reset the Openreach modem hold the reset on the back until all the lights go out. No problems since the reset.


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Staff will be back on here from Monday,  @albezzz.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk connection continue to drop, now still is gone.


Cannot understand how connection test could look ok, if the connection, that some day works absolutely fine, it suddenly stops and comes back after few hours. 


In attachment last routers status. 


And the connection looks fine, I got text now. 


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Hi albezzz


I'm sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults. Would you like me to send a replacement router for testing?






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Moved to proper section.

Please ignore that

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Please any help here? My company sent me complaints about the fact that I missed deadlines, and today everything seems dead, both router are not working at all.