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Fiber 150 order

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Hi I was supposed to have fibre 150 installed on 28/3/20 and no one turned up and my go live date was the same. I've had no information what has happened. my account still says the same dates as yesterday or no new installation dates or nothing I need a update on what's going on with my package


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@Michelle-TalkTalk Hi did you get my latest reply thank


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@Michelle-TalkTalk @Gondola Hi a Update on my issue I've recently been able to get in touch with talktalk on the phone and I was told my order has been put on hold until June for installation and was credited 100 pound. And now today I've received a email saying YOUR TALKTALK PACKAGE IS BEING CANCELLED  were sorry to hear you want to cancel your order


I have not requested to cancel my order at all and I've checked my account and it's not pending anymore its disappeared. I was told it was put in hold last week could you please find out what's going on. And i still have my old service this was a upgrade as I renewed my contract 


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Hi Baza27,


As far as I was aware this required an installation as you would need both a modem and a router to connect. Do you still have a regular broadband connection at the moment or do you have no service?




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Ok thanks for the help and service you have given me today👍


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No worries.


I've alerted the TalkTalk team so as well as advising you of the status of your order and future billing maybe they'll be able to get an update from the Products team on availability of a router with g.Fast modem for TalkTalk Engineer install.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Sorry I mean haven't recieved g fast modem from talktalk 


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Hi Baza27 


The Wi-Fi Hub is not g.Fast compatible. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Ok and I haven't had a new router of talktalk the router I have now is the talktalk wifi hub there latest one.


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Hi Baza27 


A remote start order is ok for a faster fibre or superfast product up to 80Mbps FTTC because the Communications provider sends the customer the router and it's all capable of customer self-install.


I see that Openreach are confirming that g.Fast (Fibre 150) does need an engineer install.


But I've not yet heard that TalkTalk are offering g.Fast routers although that is the obvious next stage in simplifying the g.Fast installation process although there's still the issue of providing a Master Socket with a service specific g.Fast faceplate.  TalkTalk (Qube) Engineers could carry out such work.


Have you received a new router from TalkTalk?

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Thanks for all that info here is what openreach said to me yesterday 



This is what I was told by openreach in text


As far as I can see an order was placed to provide service. But it's a remote start order. Which means openreach do not visit


It is possible that openreach will turn everything on at the exchange and the provider booked another company to set you up at home 



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Hi Baza27 


As the new order cannot complete you'll be on the existing package and billed as before.  I expect in due course when Openreach and TalkTalk agree on what's happening to these 'suspended' orders then TalkTalk will be able to update you.


Openreach don't do self-install for g.Fast. It's an engineer install only and they bring along their modem and make sure the service is working before they leave.


Unless they've changed their procedures and are sending you the g.Fast modem in the post? When they said they don't need to enter your property how did they say they would provision the service?


I've asked for TalkTalk confirmation from this end.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Plus I was also told by openreach they do not need to come into the home with this installation when I was on the live chat with them yesterday

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So as this was apgrade when I renewed my package about 2 weeks ago will I be getting billed for this package or my previous one

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Hi @Baza27 


Openreach aren't carrying out any g.Fast (Fibre 150) installations until further notice.


Openreach declared on 24 March "We will now prioritise only the essential work and absolutely minimise work that requires our engineers to enter end customer premises."


Do you have an existing broadband service that you can continue with for now?

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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