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Fiber 65 - Order cancelled

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I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago... and I am very disappointed with Talktalk, actually I am frustrated!! Last January, I have been contacted by Talktalk to upgrade my service from a broadband service to a fiber 65. I was excited and couldn't wait for this new service. This new service was supposed to go live in February 1st, and it didn't. For these three long months, I have been calling literally 3 times a week to complain about the new service that it's not working yet, and no one was able to give me an honest response. You guys are always blame someone else and couldn't sort out my issue. I have paid £9.95 (Equipment P&P); I have received the Fibre router; the engineers came to my home and set up the fibre box, and suddenly I received a text message saying my order was cancelled, and I need to call to place a new order. I called several times to customer support and sales department, and they said the system shows in my area don't have a fibre available, and they can't place a new order for me. I can't understand how is this possible to a company like this, treat a customer with such disrespect. I didn't receive a call, an email or a letter explaining all these mess from them. I am writing here in this forum in the hope that someone will be able to help with this issue.


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And the Openreach box that has green lights. It'll normally be a white box. Select the white box in the help page (ONT Lights Guide) and that'll tell you what the lights mean.


When working normally, the POWER and PON lights will be green and the PORT light will be flashing green.  How does that compare to yours?


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Opening hours are here:  When to contact TalkTalk?

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Calls to the Future Fibre team on 0345 172 0074 are free from a TalkTalk home 'phone but otherwise are at a standard landline call rate or included in your UK mobile allowance.


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Yes! And I have received the Fiber Wifi router connected already, but no service, unfortunately.


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Hi Hainadine 


Is this a Future Fibre service where the Openreach engineers have installed a small box with green lights on it to which you'd connect the Wi-Fi Hub?


You have an identical post in the Future Fibre forum here:

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