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Fibre 150 / 500

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Had an email this morning informing me that I am now able to upgrade to Fibre. I jumped straight on the phone and took up the (great) deal for Fibre 150.


I didn't think about it until afterwards, but it was only mentioned that I could get Fibre 150 - is that normal? In hindsight, I maybe would have plumped for Fibre 500 - but perhaps that isn't available?


Is it too late to check and find out if that is an option?


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Hi Arne,


Thank you - yes, I managed to get through in the end. Although a bit confusing it was confirmed that I could proceed with the FF150 and upgrade after it was installed to FF500.


Initially I was told that FF500 wasn't available - even though I could order up to 900Mbps with BT / Giganet / Zen, etc.


However, all sorted now - so just waiting to the 22nd to see how it all goes!




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Hi jeboa


Did you speak to to the Future fibre team to see if 500 is available (there is a chance its not) 


Your order is progressing for the 22nd.




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Thanks Gliwmaeden2. I've completed those details now and will give the chat a try during the hours suggested. I've had my confirmation text from Openreach - so that's a good sign! 🙂


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If you complete your community forum profile details, @jeboa, staff will be able to identify your address from your account.


If your order is going through, it takes a while to set up the account that goes with it, which can cause further headaches. 


For now, go via your avatar/name; settings; launch profile wizard for staff to see your current details. 


For Chat support for Future Fibre, note that the help hours are just till 6pm on weekdays and 5.30pm at weekends, so they close earlier than for the usual hours of availability:


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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From the confirmation email I can confirm that it is the Future Fibre - Data Only 150 product that I have ordered. 


I tried to contact TalkTalk yesterday, spent over 40 minutes on the phone being passed from department to department, eventually getting to a department where the line was open but nobody was there!!


Basically, the sales department couldn't help - technical couldn't help, passed me back to sales, who passed me to another (fibre) department - who told me I can't get fibre at my address....


I know I can get fibre, as the Openreach website confirms it (and I spoke to the OR engineers that were here some time back when it was being installed).


Do I just wait until the order date and see what happens? Or waste another 40 minutes speaking to (the wrong) people at talktalk?


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Pretty sure it's the Future Fibre - Data Only product as it requires an Openreach engineer and I've been told I will lose normal phone service (I haven't had a landline plugged in for over 10 years - so that's fine by me).


Probably best I get on the telephone....



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There are two 150 products !


The first is FTTC over the phone line.


The other is Future Fibre - Data Only and comes in 150 and 500 incarnations and I cannot imagine any reason why both would not be available as they come over a real fibre cable which is not limited by length, but you lose the landline.


@jeboa EXACTLY which product have you ordered ?


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Probably best to jump back on the phone, as the team here do not offer full Fibre support as yet.