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Fibre 150 dropping out periodically

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I have a Fibre150 connection and have recently experienced periodic dropouts occurring at random times of the day/night. The connection will drop out for about 1minute and then reconnect after 1minute and drop out again 1minute later. This can last anywhere from 1minute up to 3 hours - the worst time was observed on a Sunday (not sure if relevant). When the issue first started, I noticed that the supplied OpenReach router (model MT992) was warm/hot to the touch on the bottom. I've since moved it to a better ventilated area but the issue persists.


I've tried contacting Talktalk support however the issue does not persist for long so it's impossible to complete a line test before the connection returns. I've tried restarting the router numerous times but this doesn't resolve the issue. I suspect the issue may be with the OpenReach router (because the connection sometimes re-establishes itself in 1minute), but I cannot get a replacement OpenReach MT992 router because I cannot open a case because the problem does not persist long enough for Talktak can see an issue from their end.


If I could organise an Engineer Visit, that would be great. Otherwise, any additional troubleshooting advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi kronos319


I'm really sorry to hear this.


We can arrange an Openreach engineer visit for you. I'm just sending you a Private Message to confirm some details so we can arrange this visit.