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Fibre 150 occasional dropouts

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Hi, getting tired of the Live Chat service after contacting them about 7 times, so will try my luck here.


I've had the Fibre 150 service for about 6 months.  Since the start, I've experienced occasional disconnects.  Sometimes the service is okay for a few weeks, sometimes it drops out multiple times a day.  Whenever this happens, the Line and Internet lights on the white Openreach modem go off, and it reconnects after a few minutes (so this is NOT a problem with WiFi or with the TalkTalk Hub, something which is hard to get across to the Live Chat advisors!).


A few weeks ago this got really bad: I had about 10 disconnects on Sun 25th April, and 21 more over the next 5 days.  I reported this to TalkTalk via Live Chat, and they ran various diagnostics remotely which did not find anything wrong, but the disconnects continued to happen.


A TalkTalk "Bright Spark" engineer visited on 5th May.  (Ironically the line was stable for the 5 days leading up to this!)  He did a factory reset of the Talktalk hub, said that he can't get into the Openreach modem to view logs or anything, and verified that the broadband equipment setup in my home is fine.  He concluded the obvious: that the problem is almost certainly with the line or perhaps the Openreach modem, and said that if disconnects continue to happen, I should contact TalkTalk and ask for it to be escalated to Openreach.


Lo and behold, I had a couple of disconnects the very next day after the engineer visit, and have now had 6 in total since then, so roughly once per day, so it is clear that the problem has not gone away.


I've spoken to 4 Live Chat advisors since yesterday: the first refused to run any diagnostics when I wasn't at home; the second refused to escalate to Openreach, was adamant the problem was with my devices, and offered to send me a "guide on optimising my WiFi"(!!!); the third seemed promising and seemed to access the Openreach modem remotely and see evidence of dropouts, but wanted me to restart the modem which terminated my chat session; and the fourth again blamed my own devices and tried to fob me off with another Bright Spark engineer visit.  Of course, all of them insist on running a bunch of live diagnostics from scratch, wasting 20 minutes, with the inevitable result "your line currently looks fine".


So, the Live Chat advisors are refusing to escalate this to Openreach, despite this being the recommendation of the Bright Spark engineer visit.  How should I proceed?


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Great, thanks.

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This will be an Openreach engineer.  PM on the way to you to confirm some details.



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Hi Michelle,

Sure, although as I wrote above, I already had a TalkTalk engineer visit last Wednesday, so I hope it is not simply going to be a repeat of that procedure.

Do PM me as required.

Support Team
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Hi Verdim,


I'm sorry to hear this. I've run a test on the line now which hasn't detected a fault, however I can see a few re-connections on the line. If the set up hasn't changed since this was installed by the engineer then the next step will be to arrange an engineer visit to the property. Would you like to go ahead with this and we can confirm some details with you?





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Thank you
Steve -
Have you tried turning it off and on again!

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Yep, I believe I have these filled in (+ my email address now verified!), thanks

Community Star
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Hi @Verdim 


Could you ensure your profile is filled in with details such as Home phone number and a OCE will be able to look into this and get back to you during office hours with the most appropriate action.

Steve -
Have you tried turning it off and on again!