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Fibre 150 upgrade - new router, but also I now have an extra modem

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An Openreach engineer has just installed my new Fast 5364 router, as supplied by TalkTalk, but he also had to fit an Openreach branded modem. He said 'I don't know why, but TalkTalk don't use routers with built-in modems'.

Not only is this an unsightly stack of tech larger boxes, compared to the neat and compact single box router they replaced, but the extra modem requires its own power supply - and so I've lost the use of a power socket, which was in use 24/7 charging other devices. (I live in a very small flat with limited facilities, and to lose use of a mains socket is a big deal. I already use a lot of multi-socket adapters and extension leads)

If I'd known my 'upgrade' to Fibre 150 entailed all this I would have thought twice and probably have refused to have it. Why don't TalkTalk explain in detail what is involved with these so-called improvements?

Can I cancel and revert to my old package/ router? This is seriously annoying


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Well this box I think is better than the standard TT router you can use all the extras that this box gives over the standard TT box. Its only fit for your purpose if it’s a connection if it’s a normal FTTP FULL FIBRE connection then it’s not going to be quite the same and don’t bother.


I’m not too sure if there is a ONE box for FULL FIBRE as Openreach fit there box (ONT) then its connected to the customers router but their always changing things and new things come onto the market all the time  

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Thanks bigkenny for the tip, much appreciated. But the router/modem you recommend seems to cost about £150. I don't want to pay that for the convenience of restoring my 'one box' broadband set-up.

I really think TalkTalk should either offer a similar device for customers upgrading to the Fibre 150 service (which they're so keen to push!) - or at the very least make *absolutely clear* that this package requires extra equipment in addition to the product they mail out to you..


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Thanks martswain for your reply; indeed, I see the technical info is made available to the public, but the only reason I went ahead with this upgrade is because TalkTalk marketing staff phoned me up and urged me to take up the offer - at no time dd they explain any of the technical implications, or direct me to investigate the online info shown. If anything, I was told it would be a very straightforward process and the only effect would be a faster broadband signal, and a £2 pcm reduction in my bill. I'm annoyed the details were not made clear at all.


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Get yourself a ready modem/router that way you only have ONE box and one mains lead. Ok its not free but its ideal for your problem I use a ZYXEL XMG3927-B50A which is ready

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@5tok3s the article below detailing how it is installed has been available for a long time


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If this is a G.Fast connection then this does come with a BTOR modem and a separate router. I'd recommend contacting our Loyalty Team directly as they will be able to confirm if you are able to revert to your previous package.