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Fibre 150 was to be installed but no longer

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Hi, Today was Fibre 150 install from Talk Talk. I already have fibre 65 with boost VDSL connection. I was hoping to get 130mbps + but it was not to be ( staying at 70mbps). I had prepared the install by clearing the area of furniture, unpacking the new talk talk equipment, all the person had to do was power up the unit and plug in the fibre modem and connect the new router. 


The BT engineer told me over the phone that they had previously tried to the same job with another house in the area and found out the cable distance was 370meters to the fibre BT box and 350meters was the maximum distance, my house is slightly further away. Yes the engineer could of  tried but I would experienced a unstable connection and they would of been back many times to sort out an unfixable fault.


It was good to hear the engineer talk honestly and advised the right course of action.


Just have to go back to the old setup and wait a few years when fibre actually connected up to my house.


Support Team
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I'm sorry to hear this and thanks for your feedback.