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Fibre 150

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Hi. I just received a leaflet from TalkTalk offering faster fibre speed.

It offers Fibre 35 for £22 per month, Fibre 65 for £25 per month and Fibre 150 for £29.95 per month.

I was interested in the Fibre 150 and rang TT. After talking to 4 different operators, I was put through to the correct department. I explained that I was interested in upgrading to the Fibre 150 deal. ie 13x faster broadband, award winning WiFi hub included, phone line included, supersafe security included and expert instalation, all for £29.95.

Speaking with the customer operator, I was offered Fibre 150 data only, a £10 charge for delivery of router and a £60 installation charge!

I tried to explain that this was not what was on offer in the leaflet I had been sent. The operator said that she would do all she could to offer me the deal. After 1hr 17mins she said that she could offer me the same deal. I arranged a date for installation and waited for the email confirmation. Reading though the email, I noticed that the deal she offered was for data only a did not include phone line!

Does no one at talktalk know what is printed in their leaflets?

I'm loathed to ring them back after the trouble I had getting through to the right department before! 


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Thanks for the information Martin.

It does not mention which type of fibre cable is on offer in the leaflet but from what you have said, it sounds like I've been offered FTTP!

I'll have to bite the bullet and give them a ring to get to the bottom of it.. 


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There are TWO different Fibre 150 products.


Fibre 150 is FTTC and comes over the phone line, so you still have the opportunity to make calls if you wish.


It does however, need an Openreach modem installed and that connects to the HUB.


Fibre 150 - Data Only (Future Fibre) is full fibre to the property (FTTP) and comes over a real fibre cable which possibly means a new hole in your wall along with a special network termination point being fitted.


TT do not offer any sort of phone service at all with their Future Fibre products, not even VOIP.


@marchie69 , you need to find out which you have ordered !