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Fibre 35 Contract renewal

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Does anybody have a simple answer.


I received an email from Talktalk advising that my contract period was coming to an end and that I could renew at £22 per month. The price to include the TalkTalk TV fee, 'discounted to free for 18 months, £4 thereafter'. However, when I logged into my account and chose the Fibre 35 renewal option, a monthly fee of £26 is shown. I don't watch TalkTalk TV, but there appears to be no option to remove the item. Furthermore, the discounted £4 fee appears in the email, but not on the Account service renewal page.


I also note that my contractual broadband speed has been dropped from 26mbps to just 21mbps - at the moment I often see speeds below 10 Mbps.


It would be nice if someone from the Community team provided an explanation, as there does appear to be anomalies, which are cause for concern.




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Thank you for the information and the contact number. 😊


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Hi @John07,


To discuss renewal options, especially if promotional emails and 'My Account' don't match up, it would probably be best to phone up and speak to the Loyalty team, they are best placed to clarify issues like this, you can reach them on 0345 172 0046 by asking for the Loyalty team.