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Fibre 35 package change error

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In summary, I bought fibre 60, got fibre 35 speeds for the first few days and then I cancelled to fibre 35, it "failed" to go through and I asked to keep fibre 60 since the speeds had gone to fibre 60 randomly after a few days (even though it says online after looking again that it would NOT be possible)


I was told it would not revert back and everything would be fine, well it has reverted back and I've been downgraded back to fibre 35 and have fibre 35 speeds. Can you change it back to fibre 60 please? I did DM in original message but I dont know if I need to make a new topic.




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Hi solidsponge


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Have you recently spoken to our Loyalty Team in regards to the package change?




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No harm, in starting this new thread, @solidsponge.


Just wasn't clear where things had got to in the previous one. 


Hoping staff get this sorted out for you asap on their return.



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thanks but its after those messages in DMs. I then had to get a new router in the same messages and support names changed in the DMs, so Im unsure if you can then revert back to an earlier issue in the same messages so I thought best to start a new topic.


Also yes I wasn't expecting an answer right away, but wanted to post it now in case I forgot. Thanks.


Additionally Id really not have yet another month added to my contract due to this mistake with the downgrade, but it will probably happen.


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There was another reply from @Chris-TalkTalk mentioned in your other post, @solidsponge.


I'll post the link to that here:


However, staff won't be back before Wednesday on here.


You might want to try Chat meanwhile, if you need help sooner. 


Opening hours are also listed there:


Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.