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Fibre 65 Speed Drop since loss of power

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Originally I was on the Faster Fibre product with Speed boost and speeds of 80mbs were promoted. I was pleased to have had a stable router sync connection of 75mbs for around 12 months without a single drop.


On the evening of December 21st the power was accidentally switched off to the router. Upon power-up the router resynced at 68mbs and despite a the following day powering the router down for an hour the speed remains at 68mbs.


Speed to your router 27-12-2021.JPG


You can see the speed drop on "Service Centre".


How long does it take for DLM to adjust things back to normal? The router has been up-and-running for just over 5 days now and no signs of any improvement.


As I moved to Fibre 65 many months ago when my contract renewed, does this come with a lower sync speed to the router, so this change took effect when the router was powered down?


My router now sits with an upstream and downstream SNR of 6.8 whereas previously it sat at 6.0


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Thanks for the update. I've re-checked the connection stats now and the sync speed looks consistent for 3 days.





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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk , apologies for the delay in responding as I didn't get a notification that you had replied.


Thanks for your feedback which is food for thought.


To be honest nothing has changed with my set up for the many years that I have been with TalkTalk. The routers have changed over the years but little else. The only recent change was on the evening of December 21st when I swapped a small desk to a larger one as I'm working from home for the foreseeable future and that resulted in the accidental loss of power to the router.


I just happened to check my router stats tonight and it looks like things are returning to "normal" with the following figures reported;

Upstream line rate (kbit/s): 20000
Downstream line rate (kbit/s): 75693


Maximum upstream rate (kbit/s): 23258
Maximum downstream rate (kbit/s): 89596 ( this used to be over 100,000 )


Upstream noise safety coefficient (dB): 6.6
Downstream noise safety coefficient (dB): 6.8


With respect to "regular interference observed daily" the only things I can think of is that the cable that runs from the telephone socket does run past a couple of multiway extension leads under my desk as well as a powerline adaptor. But if that was the problem would DLM have adjusted the speed back upwards?


Many thanks, Andy.

Support Team
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Hi AldridgeAndy


I've checked the connection stats and your line is in sync at 69mb.


The line test is showing - Regular Interference Observed Daily. Is the router located near to any devices that could cause any interference?






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Were all into the numbers game I guess, like when we all got those new digital watches in the early 1970s. If 2-3 seconds out we was all obsessed

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@AldridgeAndy ,

There is no difference between the current Fibre65 product and the old Faster Fibre with the speed boost other than the change of name.


Hard to tell if the slower speed is due to DLM action or not (perhaps staff can see from their end). The normal target SNR for most lines is 6db. If yours is currently sitting at over 6db then your router perhaps resynced at a time when there was a bit more noise on the line and therefore connected at a slightly slower speed. It may resync at a faster speed if you reboot at a "quiet" time but there is of course the danger of too many reboots triggering DLM action.


At the end of the day as long as your connection is stable and doesn't cause you any other issues then perhaps it's best just to leave it alone. 68Mbps is about double the speed that many of us are able to get on our lines and should be more than fast enough for pretty much anything you want to do on the internet.


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It can be weeks before DLM changes connections when there are few errors.


As you are above your MGALS then TT will not consider your line to be faulty.


Just leave it alone, do not reboot it at all.