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Fibre 65 is worse than dreadful at 1.4 Mbps

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I think I've been with TalkTalk for at least twenty years and in all that time have rarely had a single problem. That is until being switched to Fibre 65, which becomes unusable every day in the evening. My computer is in exactly the same place and so is my Huawei HG633 router, which I was told didn't need to be replaced. Earlier on today my download speed was between under 1 Mbps and 1.4 Mbps. I couldn't even load my account details. If I switch the router off for ten seconds and then wait until all the lights are showing again, during that very short time I get logged out of my account because of 'inactivity'. Usually, but not always, after the 'Have you tried switching it off and then switching it on again?' routine, some kind of acceptable speed is restored, but I have to keep doing this every single evening. When istalling a new router you are usually told that it will take several days for it to 'settle down' and get up to speed, so technically speaking this is an appalling way to deliver a service.


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I'm sorry to hear this and I will take a look now. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault. Would you like is to send a replacement router for testing purposes to rule this out? We would also send a router returns bag so that one of the routers can be returned.




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Hi @Labrat sounds to me as though a new router could solve your problem! Your post has been escalated and the team here will get back to you soon. 

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