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Fibre 65 well below minimum speed

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I had faster fibre for the passed 18 months and a couple of weeks ago started to get less than 10 mbps download where minimum  guaranteed is 60mbps.

After hours of checks with technical support and three talk talk engineers to my home plus one BT engineer things were no better.

80mbps is presenting to the router but less than 10 mbps going to the device (WiFi and ethernet). Talk talk  say it is an openreach issue, who say that all is well.


I rang cancellations to establish when the 30 day period they had to remedy would expire so I can leave without penalty, and they suggested a move to Fibre 65 to see if that would resolve the issue. I have given it a try this week and did hold out some hope that a ticket did appear on the service status saying an issue was found. This has now been resolved but unfortunately I still only have less than 10 mbps download but a cracking 18 mbps upload. 


Question is can I just leave now as am within 20 days of the new service?


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Hi Andy,


Thanks for confirming. I've just done some more digging into this and an incident has been raised for your exchange and this is still being investigated by our Network Team as the fix which was implemented on Friday did not resolve the slow speeds. I will let you know as soon as I know more.




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They are consistently low are various times throughout the day.


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Hi Andy,


Can I just confirm, are the speeds low at certain times of day or at any time?





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OK, thanks, the extra information always helps. 


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We don't use the phone but the talk talk and BT engineer said it was fine.

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Did either do any voice side checks? Is there any noise that you can hear? 

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Tal talk engineer number 1 tried a brand new router over ethernet (no devices had wireless key) and had the same speeds.


BT engineer upgraded master socket but that didn't make a difference. 

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OK, is the voice service also clear with no noise on the line? Subject to that sit tight and wait for the support team to advise further. 


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Yes, tried that this afternoon and no improvement after 30 minutes switched off.


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If you have renewed your contract then I would think that cancelling within the cooling off period would just cancel the new contract and put you back to where you were before.

I don't see how moving to Fibre65 would have any effect on your issues anyway as it's just the same package as the Faster Fibre with speed boost which you are on now, only the name has changed.


Have you tried a different router (and possibly cables, microfilter etc) to rule that out?


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One small thing to add: have you tried switching the router off and leaving it for a full 30 minutes? This has been known to kickstart a recalcitrant connection. 

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To answer that last question first: you have a 20 day cooling off period from when you appear to have renewed, but that is in respect of the new package only. Heaven knows what customer services were thinking about, switching your service to basically the same thing under a new name will have had no impact whatsoever.


There is clearly an underlying issue there which has yet to be effectively diagnosed. If you give the support team here a chance to investigate I am confident that they can help. If they cannot and your issue does prove to be unfixable then you can of course ultimately leave without penalty. 


They will be back online tomorrow and, subject to the weekend backlog, they will respond as soon as they can.