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Fibre 65 - yet again

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This latest part of the saga began on Friday, when my connection dropped to under 1Mbps. I couldn't find the chat service and there were no direct contact details, but after getting no response on Twitter I finally received a reply via a message to TalkTalk's Facebook page. The operator was called Angie and I was very impressed with her, as we tried all kinds of routines step by step, but with no result after several hours. Then Abigail took over and I was asked more or less the same questions and asked to do the same things all over again. Then it was Mandisa, then Ian, then mbuso, then Siphesihle and then finally, back to Amanda again, who seemed to have forgotten that we'd ever encountered each other before.


I must have switched the router off and on again so many times that it was like being in The IT Crowd. It soon became obvious that instead of really following the problem in a knowing way, they were following a kind of flow chart which was telling them what to say according to my answers. During this time my download speeds were fluctuating wildly, sometimes climbing to the dizzy heights of around 50 Mbps, but then within an hour or two dropping down to almost zero.


I must also have included about 50 screen shots from my PC as jpgs, when earlier on today Amanda said that she couldn't see them. Standard Messenger attachments sent as jpgs! Does this mean that nobody saw any of them in all that time? I should add that when I had the 14Mbps service and then the 36 (or was it 38?) Mbps service, it was steady as a rock. The problems only started on the day I was switched to Fibre 65.


I was then told that they could send an engineer round which would cost me £50, or I could buy a new router from them for £30. I told them that the Huawei 633G was originally supplied by them and that they told me it was perfectly suitable for Fibre 65. I said that it had been working perfectly until Fibre 65 was installed and I wasn't prepared to pay, so in the end they agreed to send me a new one F.O.C. I'll be almost afraid to hook it up now in case this doesn't solve the problem. I have a HP Pavillion, 64-bit Windows PC with 16Gb of Ram, so it's not exactly under specified.


I wish there was some way I could attach the entire message thread, but it would be about 50 metres long. 


Support Team
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Hi Labrat,

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing problems with your service. Line test is passing and your router is in sync at 56.5Mbps. Hopefully the new router will resolve the problem but if it doesn't just let us know.