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Fibre Broadband not worth the hassle

Whizz Kid
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This so called fibre is absolute joke i dont know what they done as its absolute garbage .Paying TT and there ripoff line rental and services are a complete waste of time , ive wasted months of the same rigmaroll and they still havent sorted it , I thort the OR clowns were bad to be honest yous are exactly the same bloody useless and im not putting up any longer with this pathetic internet . A complete waste of time .in 7 days time they can stick the contract where the sun dont shine as the clowns have capped the line and they getting not a another penny for this rubbish .


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Hi Anth101,


I'm sorry that you're unhappy with the service, I'd suggest discussing any issues you have with your Complaint Manger




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I've had similar problems since last year.


About 6 months ago I had an OR Engineer out due to speed problems, I'm paying for up to 38 Mb downloads and I never get it.


I changed my provider this week as I rang Sky on Sunday after viewing a better deal on their website, £27 for Landline, min 56 Mb per second Fibre, keep existing Landline number.


And now Talk Talk are saying I'm still in contract and want me to pay £149 termination fee! What the actual hell is going on here? I've been with Talk Talk nearly 10 years as a Landline customer and had Fibre at least 5 of those years.


Why do they do this? Renew the contract and not tell me?! Surely there's some law it's against?!


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Also, the OR bloke told me that Talk Talk throttle Xbox One gaming and downloads in favour of Sony's consoles.


I'm very sorry but WTF?!




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So, how long have you actually been 'out of contract' with TalkTalk?


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Contracts do not renew automatically and will only renew if you upgrade to a new service or renew online.  I would give our customer teams a call and they can tell you how / when the contract was initiated.


As to the advice from the OR guy, thats absolute garbage. Talk Talk do not throttle connections or reduce gaming streams to prioritise one platform over another.  I've an xbox and playstation running here at home, and I'm sure I'd notice.





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Within the first month of joining them had a issue and so I put a order in with Vodafone to be told id have the breakage fee to pay if I continued my order with Vodafone . So these made me look like a idiot so I cancelled the order . Its been an absolute nightmare with these and still ongoing . I basically give up on them . People wouldn't be in this if OR sort the network out but no they don't want to spend money .


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Exactly OR  come out with some BS .The isp blame OR and vice versa .

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im originally still in contract  until march  I think but can leave anytime since I spoke to Donnie Ross of CEO .


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Hi Rich. Find out what your minimum promised speed is. Because if your not getting the minimum promised speed they have to provide by law then you can break the contract with ZERO fees. They cannot charge you a single penny for breaking the contract if they aren't providing you with the minimum promised speeds. Kick up a stink with a CEO.

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Yeah, they do. It probably isn't supposed to auto renew, but they sure as hell do. Talk Talk lured in my pensioner father with standard 18mb broadband for £8 per month for an 18 month contract and told him he would be notified when the contract would end. (He only ever got less than 1mb speeds from 18mb btw and was promised 11mb). Once those 18 months were up they never once contacted him and entered him into another 18 month contract for £28 per month. The only ever contact he got from Talk Talk was letters trying to get him to sign up to a more expensive Fibre package for i think it was £38 per month at the time. He received lots of those kinds of letters on a regular basis. But not ONCE did he recieve a letter or email telling him his first 18 month contract had ended. Talk Talk clearly preyed on him. And i bet he isn't the only one.

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You can leave anytime you want free of charge if they aren't providing you with the minimum promised speeds. Its the law.

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I've bee here for 20yrs since LineOne and TalkTalk have never once informed me of pending expiry of contract and neither have they ever auto-renewed it. I only ever renew my contract if it means I can take advantage of a reduced BB cost or some other special offer. I can't imagine why you have been singled out for problems.


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I obviously havent been singled out as other people here are saying that they had contracts auto renew on them too. And if you dig deeper you will find others.

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Yeah well I wasn't getting the advertised speeds on a wireless connection, so at Talk Talk's advice I ordered an Ethernet cable from Argos last week, and now the Ethernet on the Router doesn't work at all, it's still on a Wireless connection.


I have seriously had it with this joke account of a company.



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I spoke to one of their sales monkeys earlier and asked to speak to the CEO, as per posts on here, got nowhere, got mad because sales monkey wasn't listening to me, hung up!


2 minutes later, same sales monkey rang me back, I tried to talk to her, she still wasn't listening.... OK I know I have no patience, but this crap would test anybody IMO.




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my sync speed what the router was syncing at even with Ethernet still wasn't getting the speed what it was syncing and even showed the cowboys of OR and he couldn't even explain . So that's how good them so called engineers are  . You should have had a ethernet cable in your wifi hub box .


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"Sales monkey," really? Take a chill pill everyone before posting anything further that is likely to breach decent standards.


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Thing is, I have disabilities including Asperger's, and I hate talking to call centres in general, especially Foreign ones because they do not understand my strong Sheffield accent.


And I reckon Talk Talk know I'm "special needs" (I hate that term, Mum uses it!) and treat me like an idiot.




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@RichAllen I see you have your own topic open, I suggest you stick to that.


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@RichAllen wrote:

...I ordered an Ethernet cable from Argos last week, and now the Ethernet on the Router doesn't work at all, it's still on a Wireless connection.


There's no helping some people - because they don't want to be helped.


This is from Windows 8.1 - but you should be able to adapt.