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Fibre Modem and Speed Query

Grumpy Boy
Chat Champion
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Seasons greetings to all and apologies if this isn't the ideal place to post but I've exhausted all other avenues.


Back in October during one of the big storms, there was a lightening strike nearby which damaged the TT modem and fried my switch & other home network. The TT modem had power light but wouldn't connect. I raised a fault, Openreach fixed a fault on the line but the TT modem still wouldn't connect. TT support refused to replace the modem as there was an open Openreach fault (this was fixed). Luckily, a friend had a spare modem so I got back online. After several weeks of asking TT support for a new modem I purchased a TP-link modem from Currys as TT still refused to replace saying they would send an engineer out for the line fault (line was working OK).


I would like to get a TT modem so I can keep the TP-Link as a spare - who is best to contact to get this?


Also, my fibre (FTTC) speed is always about 40meg at the modem but when I do a new customer service availability check on my neighbours house they get offered 65meg with a guaranteed 59meg service? Same line, next house. Who is best placed to check/change my service or explain why there is a difference?


Thanks in advance.


Grumpy Boy
Chat Champion
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Hi Karl,


Thanks for the speedy response and for offering to supply a replacement - very much appreciated, wish I had come here sooner!


I understand the speed guide/ranges and I appreciate the issues with Openreach supplying lines, its just strange that my neighbour on onside gets an estimate of 57-65meg and the other neighbour has 47-53meg and we share the same overhead line (I live on a lane).


If nothing can be done then I guess I'm stuck.


Thanks again for the great service re: modem replacement and Merry Christmas to you.


Support Team
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I've ordered a router for you.


With regard to the speed of your line, each line is individual and Openreach will issue to us, and other suppliers, an estimate of what they think your line will achieve.


Your line is in sync at 42.2mb.  The estimate for the line is 41-45mb, so the line is within their estimate.  The profile for the line is set at 80mb to allow the line to achieve what it can.







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