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Fibre Speed Boost not up to expected speed.

Whizz Kid
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I recently renewed my contract for another 18 months, this time with the Fibre Speed Boost.


At first there was hardly any increase in speed, so I did what was recommended and powered off the modem/router for at least 30 mins. Since then (5 days ago) the download speed has increased from roughly 38Mbps to about 47Mbs. Not exactly a massive improvement, I think you'll agree.

I was promised a minimum of 54Mbps.


The question is, will the speed improve over time or is there a problem?


By the way, I am using the BT Openreach fibre modem that was installed when I started using fibre back in 2014. Could that be causing the reduced speed?


Thanks for any help.


Regards, Beanz


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Thanks for the information. I can send a router to test with, would you like me to arrange this?



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Hi Chris,


Thanks for the reply. Here is a photo of my setup:


BTOR 1.jpg

As you can see, I am still using a BTOR Fibre modem which was installed in 2014 when I first started using TT Fibre. There is 1 cordless phone plugged into the master socket, that's all. There are no extensions. I don't use the landline phone very often these days, but the line sounds reasonably quiet to me.

I could connect the modem to the test socket if you like. I doubt it would help though. I have disconnected the phone for now.


Do you think a more modern integrated router would help?




Support Team
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Hi Beanz,


Your sync speed is currently 49.4Mbps and line test is showing a potential voice (telephone) fault


How many telephone sockets do you have? What other devices do you have connected in addition to your router?


Does your master socket have a Test Socket


Are you experiencing any problems with your telephone service such as noise on the line?