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Fibre Speed Boost not up to expected speed.

Whizz Kid

Hi OCEs,


Sorry about the lack of updates, but I wanted to see if anything improved over time.

Sadly it hasn't. The throughput has remained at about 47Mbps, so I'm guessing the sync rate is about 50Mbps.

This seems to be the maximum rate I'm going to achieve on TT, which is still below the guaranteed 54.8Mbps I was promised. I've had several visits from Openreach engineers and tried various routers/modems.


Is there anything you can offer me in compensation?



Beanz 😐

Whizz Kid

Hi Michelle,


After much work by you and your colleagues and several visits from Openreach engineers, by fibre connection is still way below the guaranteed minimum.


What do you suggest I do now?


Please respond.



Beanz 🙂