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I was previously getting anywhere from 55 to 60 Mbps when i first joined TalkTalk and have had those speeds for many years. I was very happy, but earlier this year my speed has dropped to 40Mbps - ish.


I spoke to a customer service agent on the online chat and they recommended upgrading to the Fibre 65 package. I was on the faster fibre package with a speed boost package before. This has made no difference to the speed. So im paying an extra £5 a month for no difference in speed.


Is there anything i can do to get my original download speed back? Ive spoke to other people in the block of flats i live in and they are getting anywhere up to 65Mbs with other broadband providers.




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Hi jdavis


The estimated speed for your line is 37 - 41mb and your line is in sync at 43mb, so the line is performing as expected.





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Hello Chris,


I've updated my details.




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Hi jdavis,

if you still need assistance can you please update your community profile to include your:

  • Name

  • Telephone number

  • Alternative contact number


We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated.




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Actual download speeds in the low 40s sounds about right as your line is in sync at just over 45Mbps.

6dB is the standard target SNR margin so doesn't seem to be anything untoward there on the face of it but that's not to say that the DLM hasn't made other profile changes due to errors on your line.


Have you tried switching the router off for at least half an hour to see if it re-connects to a new "session" at the cabinet at a higher speed? I'm not sure if it will help in your situation, but might be worth a go. I wouldn't do that more than once though as the DLM will potentially see multiple re-connections as a fault, and slow your connection further.


I assume you have also tried a different router if you have one?


One other thing staff will normally suggest would be to remove the master socket faceplate and connect the router at the "test" socket behind it to rule out any internal wiring in your home, but your wiring from the master socket sounds a bit unusual so I'm not sure what's going on there.


Not sure what else to suggest right now other than waiting for staff on here to look into it when they are back at work, in which case it would probably be helpful if you could update your forum profile with your personal details and your TalkTalk landline number in order that staff are able to access your account.


It is indeed curious that TalkTalk's estimates are lower than the Openreach line estimates though.


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Is that the info you asked for AllyM?


Hes a qualified electricican but im not sure about a telecoms engineer.


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@jdavis , you still haven't said what your connection sync speed is? Perhaps you could post the full DSL stats from the router with SNR margins etc?


As for, phone sockets, I would agree with what @Skynet_TX says in that there shouldn't be any significant loss in performance using an extension socket. The only bit that worries me is that you said the master socket no longer works after you brother in law installed the extension, so I wonder about what he has actually done. Is he a qualified telecoms engineer?



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thanks again for your advice 🙂


Im just confused as to why i was getting 55-60Mbps now im getting 40

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Some staff here will be back on Wednesday (29th), and may be able to offer some advice and check your connection, but if the service centre is suggesting your expected speeds are 34-42, and if your actual speed is above the minimum guaranteed speed, then there may not be too much they can do.


So probably just best to wait for the staff here to reply next week, just to see what they say.


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that website is saying 61.7 to 63.7

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The 'master' socket is the first socket that the phone line that comes into your flat is connected to, the general recommendation is that you should have a router connected to that master socket if possible, but in reality for many people it really makes no difference, it would very much depend on the quality of the extension wiring between the sockets in your flat.


I have tried my router in both the master socket and the extension socket, and I see no noticeable difference in performance.


However if the service centre is suggesting your expected speeds are 34-42 then that is all TalkTalk are currently expecting you to get, regardless of which socket you connect to.


If you tried searching for your address here, the VDSL rows at the top of the results will show you what speeds Openreach think your phone line could potentially achieve. There is no guarantee that TalkTalk could also provide these speeds, but as the service is coming down the same phone line it should be fairly similar, so would be interesting to see if this site indicates your line could support much faster speeds.


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The service centre is saying estimated 34-42Mbs. But before i was getting 55-60.


How much difference will it make plugging the router in to the master socket?

Ive heard conflicting things. Some say it wont make any difference because its only a short amount of copper cable in the flat compared to the long copper wire from the junction box down the road. Others say it can make a lot of difference. My sisters husband put in a new phone socket which the router is plugged in to. But the original master socket no longer works.


Would it be worth getting an engineer out and getting it reverted back to the original master socket?


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Hi @jdavis


As mentioned by @AllyM, it would be well worth checking your sync speed, if the sync speed is looking like your normal faster speeds then try switching your router off for over 30 minutes, that will often get your throughput (i.e. speed test) speeds back up to something much closer to the sync speed.


If the sync speed is also down in the low 40's then if you go to the Service Centre what does it show for your estimated speed range, is this actually suggesting you should be getting much faster speeds than you are ?


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What is the sync speed?


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40Mb-ish is from doing a speed test from both google and the talktalk website. Its being done through a ethernet connection on PC and we dont have a phone plugged in to the wall socket, we just use mobile phones. I did check the line attenuation though and it was 19.6Db


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@jdavis ,

Is "40Mbps - ish" the connection sync speed, or is this throughput speed you are measuring?

If it's a speed test, are you measuring it over WiFi or via a wired (ethernet) connection?

If you are measuring over WiFi, can you do a check using a wired device and also check the sync speed in the router to see how those compare?

If you have a landline phone , can you check if there is any noise on the line, as an issue on the voice side will likely affect the broadband?


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Okay. Still though, any ideas why im getting less bandwidth than i was a few months ago?


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Faster Fibre + Speed Boost = Fibre 65


You haven't changed package in anything but NAME, they are exactly the same product.