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Fibre & Landline Woes

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Well, it's been a while and I'm back!  


Very keen to get Fibre 500 especially after putting up with City Fibre digging up the path outside my house and not sweeping up afterwards.


What's not so good is that there's no landline service with Talk Talk and to be honest, I don't really want to be on my mobile phone for 59 minutes talking to my elderly mother.

I can see BT do offer a landline option with Fibre 500, which isn't surprising but not keen on going back to them...

So, given Talk Talk should be keen to move customers over, a bit dissapointed that when I spoke to Talk Talk they didn't seem to know what "VOIP" is when I asked them what the process flow would be to port my landline number over.

Getting to the question (sorry for the preamble)....  anybody using Vonage? I can't see that it wouldn't be compatible (just a bit of kit using internet connection). 

My guess is I start with Vonage who will get my landline number from Talk Talk, then once ported I can switch to fibre 500.  I did hear getting a number back from a VOIP might be tricky, but hopefully not impossible if Talk Talk decide to follow up with VOIP services...


Thanks for any comments/suggestions or pearls of wisdom on this one!! 😎


My recommendation to Talk Talk would be to get teams up to speed to try and retain customers who want to move to high speed fibre with better support/guidance for VOIP services.. Granted probably not something they're keen to do, but if it's a load of hassle customers (me included) may end up going back to BT.