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Fibre availability ??

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I have had an e-mail from openreach (25/04/2021) saying that Fibre (FTTP) is available down my street (see extract below)

Here's where your Ultrafast journey really takes off!

Drum roll please... You've stuck with us for a long time, and we couldn’t be happier to announce that we’ve completed the Ultrafast network in your street. You should now get in touch with your chosen service provider who will take over the management of getting your property connected, the in-home equipment installed, and your new service configured.
Check out to see the latest Ultrafast offers from our great panel of Internet providers in your area.
If you gave us permission, we’ve told our service providers that you can now get an Ultrafast service, so you may hear from them shortly.
When I go on the TT availability I still only says I can get ADSL, so why can I not upgrade.

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If TT have not contracted with Openreach in your area as yet, you'll just have to wait and see if they do in the future.


Your online account will show it in "Offers and Upgrades" once TT update their database.


If you do upgrade to Future Fibre (TT's name for FTTP over the Openreach network) then you will currently lose your landline.


There are plans for TT to offer a VoIP service, but no dates confirmed as yet.