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So today the engineer came out from openreach he could not enter the property due to covid-19 he did everything from outside.... due to my property having so many different sockets( 1 in the attic, 1 in the garage, 1 in the kitchen, 2 in the living room, 1 in my daughters room, 2 in my sons and 2 in the master bedroom) he's not sure which one of my telephone/Internet sockets is working I've had to go round test each individual 1 with my broadband Box and none of them are working I'm now part of talktalk fibre optic broadband with no Internet and paying for something I am not getting I've tried calling talk talk and every path I've taken on the phone each department is closed that's all I went from paying a bill to tech support to thinking of leaving and joining and all are closed.i need help sorting this out.


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Sorry for the delayed reply, we're doing our best in these unprecedented circumstances due to the Corona virus to answer everyone as quickly as possible.


Line test is showing out of sync and pointing to potential fault in home environment


How many telephone sockets do you have? What other devices do you have connected in addition to your router?


Does your master socket have a Test Socket?


Are you experiencing any problems with your telephone service such as noise on the line?




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Does a phone work in any of the sockets, in particular the one mentioned by Keith French? If so this is the one which the router can be plugged into, ideally the master socket. If the phone does not work in any of the sockets then it is likely you are not attached to the outside world.

Besides Keith's guide another way to identify the master socket is to locate the outside cable and trace where it enters the house.

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I have asked one of TalkTalk's OCEs to pick your thread up and investigate it for you.

Due to the current Coronavirus situation, the OCEs are very busy and there will be more of a delay to get a TalkTalk response. The posts are responded to in time/date order, oldest first. Please try to avoid posting on here until TalkTalk have responded to you, otherwise, this will just put you further down the queue.

To save yourself time, please make sure that your community profile includes your first & last names, broadband phone number & if possible an alternative contact number. This can be done by clicking on your Avatar picture then click on "My Settings" followed by:-

Personal Profile > Personal Information

Otherwise, TalkTalk will not be able to tie up your forum username to your broadband account. Only you & TalkTalk have visibility of your details.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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I should have been live on the 17th the day the engineer came out it's now been a week I'm still waiting for the technical team to get in touch with me and now have also received the bill for the 1st payment for Internet which I do not have I still do not have Internet I have done everything that is required of myself


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I assume that today is your olive date, if so, it may not be until midnight that your service will go live, so it is not unreasonable that no socket seems to be live.


If you look at each of your sockets, do they look like any of the ones in a guide of mine that I have attached? If so, this is where the line should be coming in from outside. I would advise you initially to take off the removable faceplate on the master socket to expose the test socket behind that (again see my guide). Try the router & microfilter in that test socket, this should also disconnect all of the other sockets in the house, thus reducing the chance of any faulty wiring between the sockets causing the broadband not to work in the master socket.


If that is OK, personally I would replace the faceplate & see how things go, you could consider disconnecting all of these extra sockets from the faceplate at a later date, reducing any future fault liability.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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