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Fibre broadband drops and "WAN DHCP client process" warnings and errors in the router log

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Hi.  We have been experiencing connection drops on a fairly regular basis - at least once a day, often more.  When the connection drops, the router light flashes yellow/amber for a minute or more and then reconnects and things are happy again.  To make it worse, will often do it many times in succession once it starts.  Eventually it settles down and were ok for while.


This has been going on for months so can someone please have a look at the server end. 


It causes issues for me working from home and is driving my sons crazy when they are gaming - I couldn't repeat what I here come from there rooms!!!


See below for the logs in date order


























I have also seen some "

The WAN DHCP client process has failed on Vlan 36

error messages at the beginning of the month but they are less often.

There have been 167 messages of this nature since March 1st when the logs start.


Help with this would be much appreciated.


thanks, Colin







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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk @Chris-TalkTalk  - disconnected 3 times today and random down speeds between 0.8 and 10Mbs - despite the router reporting a happy 28Mbs down and 6.5Mbs up.  So transport layers seems fine, just the TCP/IP layer is stuffed!


Is the nothing else that can be done here?




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@Chris-TalkTalk @Debbie-TalkTalk @Michelle-TalkTalk @Karl-TalkTalk 


You have all gone very quite?




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Hi. @Chris-TalkTalk , @Debbie-TalkTalk , @Michelle-TalkTalk  - I guess this heat must have an effect on the infrastructure and wires etc - so I guess you might be busier than usual.


You've all been pretty quite, but just wanted to let you know that things are still pretty random here and I am seeing lots of slowdowns and quite a few random router initiated restarts/reconnection.


It seems that having a Downstream noise safety coefficient that is too high (15 rather than 3 on a log scale!) also messes things up.  This is a reading today (11/8, ~16:30) after a restart and the down-speed is about 2Mbs.




After another 15 mins we had to restart again as it all ground to a halt.  I am assuming you all see the router reported speeds and so see the variation and disconnections we are having.


Then we got a minus reading!


Just checking the DNSC value every few seconds at the moment it is fluctuating between -5 and +10 - over the space of 5 mins , now 10 mins after restart - I am assuming this is not good.  The upstream NSC is stable.


Actual speed is now rubbish all round:







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Hi @Chris-TalkTalk.  I have been exploring the stats I can get from the router and comparing  them according to the speed I am seeing from yesterday (29/7) after a router reboot at about 4pm.


The baseline DSL stats are as follows - where I was seeing between 13 - 18Mbs



 What I have noticed is that the 'Downstream noise safety coefficient' (DNSC) has a huge effect on the down speed.  The connection dropped to 0.4Mbs today and checking the DNSC, it had dropped to 1.2.  Monitoring it I can see that if it went up the speed went up.


When I restarted the DSL connection (as opposed to the whole router), DNSC went back up to 3 and the speed returned to 17Mbs.


This is the DSL stats when the speed was 0.4Mbs


 All the other values are pretty much the same and I checked the WAN stats and nothing was reported as error or discarded.


Is this helpful to you guys?  I am wondering if you can see DNSC stats at your end or know what might cause this sort of variation in the line noise.



cheers, Colin



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Hi @Chris-TalkTalk @Debbie-TalkTalk , Today has been particularly bad. Rebooted 2 or 3 times and its only 3pm. Each time it's ok for a while then the speed drops down to < 2Mbs.


I have plugged the router back in to the master socket. No Difference.


During the last slow down I tried some variables with the online speed test. So I have tried both Firefox and Chrome on Linux over Wifi, Chrome on Macbook over wifi and with Ethernet cable direct to Router (no Wifi).


No significant difference across all platforms. Chrome ping is about 1ms quicker - wifi vs cable made no difference.


You can see our down speed performance since the engineers visit on 23/7.  when it is up, rarely above 17/18Mbs.




I find it weird that the router consistently reports 30+Mbs down speed even when in reality the speed test reports <2Mbs (or even 0!) and in reality I never get more than 20Mbs.


Can you tell me why the the router reports 30Mbs even when actual speed is 2Mbs or never better than 20Mbs?


This leaves me with the question of why it's always down speed that dies and up speed is almost (not always) ok. Steady at 5.5 - 6Mbs.


I am guessing that up/down traffic is processed separately in router, copper/fibre transition (street cabinet?) and exchange onwards. All traffic is squeezed down same copper/fibre pipe.


I'm on the 3rd modem, so I would hope that I am not that unlucky to have 3 duff ones. Which makes me think it must be an issue in the cabinet or exchange onwards. You have said that you have seen intermittent test failures but nothing ever seems to be found.


I am aware that what often seems like common sense does not apply when dealing with something as complex as reliably squeezing 30Mbs down a bit of old copper over several miles, so perhaps it doesn't apply here.


However this is getting progressively more frustrating as time goes on. This thread has been open for 2+ months and we were experiencing the problem for a month or more before that.


Is there a more reliable way for me to measure my line up/down speed other than ?


What's the next step in tracing this issue?  I'm getting to the point where I am wondering if another provider would have any more success.


cheers, Colin


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I am righting this post with an ACTUAL download speed of 0.28Mbs (from Ookla speed check).  The router still happily reports 32.8Mbs - I can only assume it's talking to the network using a different connection!


This is part of the frustration for us.  The connection may not drop but the speed just dies to unusable levels and then we need to reboot. 


I am wondering if you see this variation in speed at your end or if you just see the speed reported by the router?


So off to reboot again!


cheers, colin


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Hi @Chris-TalkTalk.  So, sadly I have to report that we are still having issues.  Seemed a bit better for a few days but it's disconnected or slowed to a crawl (<2mbs down) at least 3 time today and required reboot! 


Makes remote website work quite frustrating (me) and I won't repeat what is coming out of my teens rooms as they get disconnected from CoD or lag thru a wall at a critical moment.


Could be completely random, but wet and windy today and was wet yesterday when we experienced problems.


So, what is next in the fault finding toolbox?


cheers, Colin


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Hi @Chris-TalkTalk thanks.  Engineer came today and found a squashed wire from when the master socket was replaced  (in the last year).  That was unbalancing something according to his test kit.  So he has fixed that and I will monitor over the coming weeks and see if that fixes the issue.


cheers, Colin


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Hi Colin


I've booked the engineer for Thursdays AM (July 23 2020, 08:00-13:00), which is the earliest appointment available, please let us know how you get on




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hi @Chris-TalkTalk , apologies for the delay.  I will be here wed/thur (22nd, 23rd) this week and all of next week (w/b 27/7) except wed am 29/7.


thanks, Colin


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Hi Colin,


No problem, could you give a couple of dates/time slots when you can be available for the engineer visit (please note, as previously discussed, engineer charges may apply)


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hi @Debbie-TalkTalk , can you arrange an engineer then please.




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Hi Colin


I'm really sorry to hear this.


If the connection is still dropping with a different router at the test socket then we would need to arrange another engineer visit.






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Hi.  @Chris-TalkTalk   The engineer did his thing down the street but after waiting a week to see how things pan out, we are still having disconnections and slow downs.  Just rebooted the router after it dropped to 1Mbs!  Now back to 18Mbs down.  Sometimes the speed seems ok but it struggles to hold a streaming connection. 


Whats the next step?


cheers, Colin


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Hi Colin,


I've run another test prior to booking the engineer and it's failing with an error that means I'll need to book this as a non-appointed task. So this will be investigated by an Openreach engineer over the next 72 hours and they wont need access (although they may contact you directly if they do)



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Hi, @Chris-TalkTalk , in the next week, the only dates I can't do are Sat 4/7 and Monday 6/7.  Any time.


cheers, Colin


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Hi Colin

No problem, could you give a couple of dates and time slots when you can be available for the visit and I'll book the earliest 



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Hi @Chris-TalkTalk , thanks for the reply.  Apologies if I seemed a bit abrupt but finances are a bit stretched at the moment as they are for many.


Ok, please go ahead and book the engineer.  £65 doesn't seem as scary and I would hope it does not get to that in the end.


thanks, Colin


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Hi Colin,


Thanks for the PM


The potential charge is £65. I think it's unlikely that you would be charged in this situation but unfortunately I can't rule it out completely, it would depend on the engineers findings 




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Hello Colin


I'd be very wary of this as I have exactly the same problem as you  - TalkTalk sent an OpenReach engineer who said, yes there was a fault, but nothing he could do about it as it was probably inside my house - not that he bothered to take a look.  In my case, I know there's nothing wrong with my house set up as it has worked for 8 years without fault until the past 6 months when my router randomly resets itself, usually in the middle of a zoom meeting or watching a film in the evening.