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Fibre broadband drops and "WAN DHCP client process" warnings and errors in the router log

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Hi.  We have been experiencing connection drops on a fairly regular basis - at least once a day, often more.  When the connection drops, the router light flashes yellow/amber for a minute or more and then reconnects and things are happy again.  To make it worse, will often do it many times in succession once it starts.  Eventually it settles down and were ok for while.


This has been going on for months so can someone please have a look at the server end. 


It causes issues for me working from home and is driving my sons crazy when they are gaming - I couldn't repeat what I here come from there rooms!!!


See below for the logs in date order


























I have also seen some "

The WAN DHCP client process has failed on Vlan 36

error messages at the beginning of the month but they are less often.

There have been 167 messages of this nature since March 1st when the logs start.


Help with this would be much appreciated.


thanks, Colin







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@Chris-TalkTalk, Ok, I read the T&C's and see if the engineer doesn't find a fault I get charged £130. 


Given the nature of this issue and that you can see issues with disconnection and speed, would I still be charged if he doesn't find the issue even though the service is problematic.  Not sure why I should have to pay on top of current plan for an issue which is completely out of my control?


Basically at this point in time I can't afford a £130!




thanks, Colin


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Hi Colin,


If you'd like us to arrange the engineer visit can you confirm:

  • That you accept potential Engineers charges
  • Provide availability, either AM (8am to 1pm) or PM (1pm to 6pm) between Monday to Friday.

I've also sent you a PM to confirm some other details 



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@Michelle-TalkTalk, Yes, please, that would be great.


thanks, Colin


Support Team
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Hi colin,


I'm sorry to hear this and thanks for the update. I've re-run the line tests now which are still clear. The sync speed is varying and I can see re-connections on the line. If the router is still connected to the test socket then the next step will be to arrange an engineer visit. Would you like us to arrange this for you?





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hi @Michelle-TalkTalk .  I wanted to give the Sagecom some time to see how things settled.  It's been better than the other router but still quite variable.  We are still often experiencing drops or stalls.  Sometimes we need to reboot, other times it seems to mostly recover itself.  However, in a world of Zoom meetings and online gaming those blips are infuriating, whether it recovers itself or not.


The graph below is a sample of speed tests since I installed the Sagecom - but to be fair mostly prompted by speed problems, so lots of "not working/working" peaks and troughs.  And the samples are when I have been around to test it, rather than someone else in the house experiencing problems.


Screenshot_2020-06-24 Results Speedtest by Ookla.jpg


I am assuming you guys will see more linear stats, but either way around it's not what it should be.

What's the next step?


thanks, Colin


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Hi Colin,


I've re-run the line test again now and I can see that DLM has increased the speed again now that this router is connected. Have you noticed any further increase in speed since your last post? If the speeds are still varying and the connection is unstable with this router connected at the test socket then the next step will be to arrange an engineer visit to the property.





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Ok.  I have abandoned the Sagecom router.  Plugged the Black router back in and we are back to 22mbs down and actual download speed of about 16-18mbs.


Apologies if that messes up your diagnostics but the Sagecom was really not working well.


cheers, Colin


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Hi.  just wanted to note that I am seeing Ookla speed test report 11 or 12 mbs down.  But when I actually down load something in Firefox I am only able to get 300 - 400KBs - which is about 2 - 3Mbs. 


I have rebooted the hub and it seems to make no difference. 


Could this reduction in thru-put be caused by some tweaking you guys have been doing? 

Cheers, Colin



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Hi @Michelle-TalkTalk - yes, I have been using the test socket for a few weeks, since before this current router.


We don't use the landline very much but when I dialled 1471 there was a noticeable hiss, white noise background noise.  No crackles or spikes, just a constant low level background noise.


With this new router we seem to be back to the instability on the connection.  I had to reboot it yesterday and this morning.   The down line speed seems to have dropped from about 20mb on average to 13/14mbs with this new router.  Even then, I was on a zoom meeting this morning and it had to reconnect twice in 45mins and I couldn't sensibly screen share or load a web page when I was zooming (is that word now?)


I'll see how it goes today, but I might switch back to the 'Black' hub.  At least that kept the line speed and was ok between hangs.


Thanks for the continued help and suggestions.  I am still grateful for the fibre and wonder how we managed for so long on ADSL with 1.5mbs!!!!


cheers, Colin


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Hi Colin,


Thank you for testing this. I've re-run the line test which is clear, however the connection looks unstable and the sync speed has dropped. Is the voice service ok? Is the router connected to the test socket at the moment?





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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk , thanks for the router.  I installed the SageCom on Thurs 11th lunchtime.


We are still seeing quite ridiculous swings in down speed.  The graph below shows OOKLA speed tests since end of May.  The router continues to report down speed of 28.xMbs  and 6.x up.  But actual speed is very different.  Just today (12/6) we started at 15.8mbs (10:50), then at 13:20 it dropped to 1.4.  Then between 13:20 and 13:47 I recorded 12.9, 9.2, 2.8, 12.3 then 10.1!  Up speed remains stable at between 6 and 6.5mbs.  Ping times vary between 17 - 20+ with a few outliers in the hundreds.


Is this most recent fluctuation because the line and modem are still getting to know each other or is this just a bit messed up somewhere?


Usually rebooting the router will return actual line speed (via ookla) to about 20mbs down and 6.x up for a while at least.  But I am pretty sure I should not need to keep rebooting the router.


Attached screen shot of speed test graph and csv of results (zipped) as your upload won;t accept anything else (not even txt!).


Screenshot_2020-06-12 Results Speedtest by Ookla.png


Any further diagnostics you can do or advice greatly welcomed.






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Hi Colin


The router is on its way, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.


Let us know how the connection compares with this router.






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Hi, Yes, why don't we give that a try.  thanks, C

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Hi Colin


Thanks for your reply.


We can try sending another Sagemcom Wifi hub, would you like to test this?






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hi @Debbie-TalkTalk , make is Sagemcom. 


model is not clear from the label, but I think this is it:

dev ver: FAST 5364-3 T8


thanks, C.


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Hi Colin


Apologies for the delay.


I've completed a further line test which hasn't detected any faults.


In regards to the router, which router were you previously using? (make and model)






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Hi @Karl-TalkTalk, thanks.  An engineer called earlier in the week saying he was going to have a look and then later reported that he hadn't found anything.


However we have had 3 occurrences of total loss of connection this week while the router light is steady green. A couple of these were preceded by slowing of the connection.


I have switched to the master socket and the filter included with new router to see that makes a difference.


After tonight's reboot, the router reports 29.7mbs down and 6.3 up.

Ookla speed test reports 15 down and 5.2 up.  Normally we see 20 -22 down and 6 up.


I attach the log download just after I restarted the router this evening.  Previous restart was between 16:00 and 16:30 one day and another in the morning.  Sorry can't remember dates.  The router log only seems to keep the last 36hrs so not sure how many other those you'll be able to see.


It has to be said that with the old router we expierenced stalls but it always reconnected.  However this one seems to be more stable but when it goes, it goes completely and needs a reboot.


Hope you can help with this.


cheers, Colin



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One of my tests is failing.


I've logged this out to BT Openreach for a Non Appointed engineer - Non appointed means the engineer will be dispatched to look at the line without requiring an appointment be made with you to visit your property.  






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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk , @Karl-TalkTalk . Speed was good to begin with - router reported 30mbs but Ookla speed test said about 19Mbs down and 6Mbs up which is what we were getting before. However after less than 24hrs the down speed dropped to between 2 - 6Mpbs. Up speed remained the same at 6Mps. This morning it died completely and I had to reboot the router. We could no longer access internet but the light on the front of the router was steady green as if all was ok.

After reboot we are back to 21Mbs down and 6Mbs up (from Ookla). I have attached the router debug log. All I can see are quite a few debug entries saying "[FBT HG][STA DEL][OFFLINE][STAMAC:b8: ..." and then later "[FBT HG][STA NOTIFY][ONLINE][STAMAC:8c...".

I would appreciate it if someone could take a look or reset the line or ask one of your Gandalf's to cast the appropriate spell 🙂

thanks, colin


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Hi Colin


Thanks for keeping us updated 🙂