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Fibre broadband not working more then week

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Good morning.

Our TT broadband is no longer working for over a week. I called TT and customer service told me they have a general problem with the whole system and they don't know when it will be fixed. I also have an open case in this case, but nothing changes, Just bgot automatic info that the engineer will be there within 2-3 days and he will repair it, but nothing is happening. I am not getting any info from TT, no updates on this or even that there is a problem.
This is outrageous, we have a child with autism and we have online therapy, but now I have to use the data on my phone to do this.
Why don't I have any information and can't reach customer service today. I have restarted the router dozens of times and the modem and broadband still does not work. TT knows there is a problem but doesn't know when it will be fixed. I am asking for some help because I am paying for a service I do not have. Please help.