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Fibre speed reduced after Solar Panel installation

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Until May 25 2021 I was enjoying a pretty stable download speed of 65Mbs which is what I paid for. However, on this date I had solar panels installed for electricity generation, and since then my download speed has been less than half of this, about 32Mbps.


Some things about my installation:

1. I have a 'Sam Knows' white box (see ) attached to my router which allows independent measuring of my Internet speed and a lot of other metrics. This is connected by Ethernet to my Router, and other connections are connected to the White Box ports, not the Router.

2. Before the Solar installation, I was using three of the four ports for ethernet connections around my property, and this worked fine with the speed as declared above.

3. As part of the Solar installation, they needed to add two ethernet cables to my Router, to allow transmission of data related to the generation and battery opration. As there were not two ports available, these were connected directly to the Router, not to the White box.


It appears that the change to the number of ports in use has affected my download speed significantly. While you could argue that this is not talktalk's problem, I would like someone to give some words of wisdom about this configuration. Would more than 4 ethernet ports in use increase the traffic so much that the Router could not cope and cause speed issues? Should I use an Ethernet Switch to accommodate all the inputs properly?


I have sent a similar message to the 'Samknows' people for comment.


Any advice welcome!


Richard Adams


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Well, the magic trick of 'Switch off-switch on' worked - don't know why! We are now back to >63Mbps download, so I will keep monitoring to make sure it is stable at that speed.


Thanks for your comments!

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Strange one.

The hub should be able to handle all 4 ports being in use at any one time, but depending on what traffic is being sent and received could have a factor on the speed your results are coming in at.

I have no experience of this set up and can't imagine it is using a lot of bandwidth but I can't be sure. Have you tried temporarily disconnecting the panels data connection's if your able to to see if this makes a difference in your stats?

Also maybe a coincidence but you could running a Line test to see if there any issues being picked up.
Steve -
Have you tried turning it off and on again!