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Hi all l already have  talk talk fast internet, but updating to fibre ( go's live on Tuesday ) . Can l unplug my old router now and replace it with my new one even tho is not due for fibre until Tuesday , will it still work so l can have internet now ( l know l will not have fibre now but still need the Internet )


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You should start your own topic as per community rules.

The OP had successfully upgraded so this topic is effectively dead .

You'll just have to keep checking fibre availability on your account.

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I have been a (loyal) customer of TalkTalk for several years – I recently moved house

Both addresses were allocated the same telephone number as both addresses are supplied from the same BT exchange.

At the old address, I was on high speed, fibre, broadband – at about 60 Mbps, download.

The new address only provides me with 1.2 Mbps, download.

On commencement of my current TalkTalk contract – they informed me that my new address is serviced from streetside cabinet No 11 and that, although this cabinet does have fibre, it has insufficient capacity for all local/adjacent users. They advised me to phone, every month, to check if fibre was available.

I found this to be onerous and frustrating – so, I contacted who replied:

I can confirm that the fibre broadband network has been rolled out in your area and local demand for the service has already surpassed expectations and outstripped capacity in the cabinet. So, the capacity will be increased by Openreach. 

Managing cabinet capacity for all cabinets, whether installed through the DSSB programme, or commercially, is an Openreach service Sometimes all Openreach needs to do is introduce extra line card(s). This is a relatively straight forward engineering task. However, in a small number of cases, civil engineering work is also needed and this may result in an additional cabinet. Engineering work is dependent on a number of external factors such as wayleave agreements, planning and traffic management, and/or the need to employ specialist skills. Due to this, sometimes  if an additional cabinet is required, it can take around 12 months to resolve.


In your particular case options which Openreach are investigating include upgrading within the existing street side cabinet, or installing an additional cabinet and therefore this could take up to 12 months to be resolved.  


In the meantime, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) should allow you to place a waiting order.  Your service provider is a customer of Openreach  so Openreach will keep your ISP informed of progress with your local cabinet’s capacity by telling them as soon as orders can be accepted once again”.


I requested Talktalk to place me on a Waiting Order – but they have said NO and have offered that I can pay a penalty for early termination of my contract instead. This is unacceptable and not the way to treat a long serving customer.

The streetside cabinet is currently being upgraded – it is less than 100 m from my house, and I spoke to the engineer working on it, this week.

What do I have to do to get upgraded to fibre?


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Hi Mart 

the switchover went well,wife was on the phone which had a little blip but all locked in ok.

Is it normal to still have old logins appear from previous routers?

i know what i want to happen, but it rarely does

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If the upgrade goes to plan, all you will notice is a short break in service whilst the line is connected to the fibre cabinet.

You will not have to do anything at all in your home.

Do make sure that your phone line also works as normal after the change, on very rare occasions the broadband is switched successfully but the phone is not reconnected.

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So today I plugged in the new , Sagecom hub, powered up and bingo it all connected easily.

Sky a box, normally difficult locked in before the Samsung Tv which took 3 goes.


Next question I have, if this thread is still open is on my go live date will it all connect like it did today, or will I need to Rented the new postcode on the card from the router?




i know what i want to happen, but it rarely does

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Thank you

I have found out in 2 minutes what I could not with 1 hour of technical services.

To recap...I can connect the router i received for an upgrade to fibre before the go live date and use it instead of the old router?




i know what i want to happen, but it rarely does

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Thanks Keith, how to display line stats is a question for another day!

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Hi @chrisb1953 


Your line stats would show a VDSL2 connection not an ADSL one.

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Apart from a hopeful increase in speed how do you know you have been upgraded to fibre?

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Thank you 👍


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Assuming you are talking about a new TalkTalk router, then the answer is yes. It will automatically detect the type of line, this means that there will be no need to even reboot it on Tuesday, once the fibre is connected, it will detect that.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please set Accept as Solution from the 3 dot menu.
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