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Fibre150 constant drops since phone pole replaced

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Hi TalkTalk.


My internet dropped completely this morning and it had turned out the phone pole outside was being replaced. We had no notification of this work! After a couple couple of hours, the vans had gone and the pole was replaced. Since then, our internet keeps dropping every 20 minutes, and the speed has dropped from a consistent 140Mbps to at most 90Mbps but fluctuates between 60-90Mbps.  The router and modem have both been restarted and also powered down for 30mins but this has not fixed the issue. When the internet drops, there is no DSL or Internet light on the modem.  This has caused a lot of hassle as I was in the middle of a work conference video, and have had to re-arrange all meetings the whole day as the internet keeps dropping.  Unable to get through to live chat as it just keeps showing it is busy (or outside of working hours which is not the case).  Can an engineer please sort this issue out ASAP, we work from home and it is essential the internet needs to be working properly again.  Thanks.

-- Phil

Support Team
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HI PhilF280,

I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue, I can see that it's still in hand with Openreach so hopefully they'll get to the bottom of it soon



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Screenshots can be embedded in the post in those formats, use the camera icon in the post toolbar.


You cannot attach them 


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Further update.  Ran another line test and this time it said it found an issue. The web page went to a blank page just 

saying Track Fault. I left it for a few mins and did get a SMS saying an Open Reach engineer will be attending within 2-3 days.  So far this has been an appalling process to get a fault logged.

-- Phil

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The line has been dropping all day so far. It has only just come back and I can get online to post update here. The website will not let me log in from my mobile, but has let me log in as the internet is up right now.


As I mentioned before, the line test comes back saying no issues when I perform it.  I've taken a screenshot but this forum does not allow gif/jpg/bmp formats... seriously!?


To confirm that the issue is with the new pole/box, I caught a BT Openreach engineer doing some work with the pole and the green box. He has confirmed that they have received complaints other people serviced by the same pole are experiencing line drops, obviously he is only dealing with the cases that have been raised. He has said the company that replaced the pole has made a mess of the box at the top of the pole.


Now, will a TalkTalk engineer/agent please raise a proper investigation in to my issue please?


Thanks in advance.


EDIT: As I went to submit the above, the damn internet dropped again. I'm currently tethered to my mobile to complete this post.  No DSL or Internet light on the modem. Was still logged in to the service center on the mobile, performed line test which came back clear. Either there is a delay with the line test or it is just really unreliable.

-- Phil

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Hi Steve, thanks for replying.  I had performed several at the time, obviously could only run the line tests when the internet was working.  Each time the line test said there was no issues.  Coincidently, the internet remained stable from late evening so I am monitoring it for now.  I am concerned that the tests indicated no issues and showed no disconnections when there obviously was (no DSL and Internet lights on modem, amber light on router, unable to ping/trace/route external from internet network, etc).

-- Phil

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Have you tried running a Line test in service centre as this can often find issues on the line and automatically arrange a engineer if required.



Steve -
Have you tried turning it off and on again!