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Fibre35 getting disconnected - has my line been (mistakenly) handed over to connect a new customer?

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I am getting a little bit frustrated and need help understanding what is happening with my broadband connection.


Before I describe what is happening, it is worth mentioning that I leave on a fairly new development where Openreach does not have enough slots in their cabinet/cabinets to provide FTTC fibre to fulfil demand from residents. If you do not have FTTC in here, you are left with 3-6Mbps full copper broadband.


I have a Fibre35 with TalkTalk since January 2021. There was no issues with the service until September 18th, when out of a sudden, on Saturday morning, connection disappeared. After getting through a lengthy, over the phone, customer service "investigation", it was "diagnosed" with "faulty router" and I was told that a new router will be sent and delivered within 2-3 working days (so Tuesday or Wednesday) leaving me without broadband for the time being.


Note 1: both, myself and my wife work from home, and as you can imagine, broadband connection is crucial here. We had to both rely on a mobile Wi-Fi from Vodafone which is not ideal in my area and it does not come for free.

Note 2: my next door neighbour also uses TalkTalk, so I took my router to him literally 10 minutes after finishing my call to customer service, where I was able to prove that my 9 months old router was working perfectly fine.


I have called Customer Service again on the same day to share my findings about the router, but was told that unfortunately “system” tells them new router needs to be sent and they cannot book an engineer until router will arrive and it will be proven that my broadband is not working. This meant at least 2 working days waiting for delivery and possibly another day or two waiting for engineer.


Router arrived on Tuesday and as expected, replacing it did not helped. Another call to Customer Service, engineer booked = success right? Unfortunately, wrong. It took Openreach another two days to sort everything and put us back online. We ended up being completely disconnected for 6 full days.


All was good until Thursday 28/10/2021 when suddenly half way through the morning, we got disconnected again. Broadband kept coming on and off throughout the morning between 12 and 15 times. We ended up with broadband connection, but instead on usual 29-30Mbps we had 3-5Mbs during the day and between 0.5 & 1Mbps (one) in the evening. According to my contract, I have guaranteed 25Mbps on my line.


Same story as before, but this time over the chat. I managed to convince “technical support” to book an engineer visit. Because we had a connection (slow but still kind of working), engineer visit was booked for following Wednesday. No fully operational broadband for 7 days. On Wednesday all got “fixed” again and engineer told me that everything is fine now and I will not have anymore any problems. However, first thing in the following morning (Thursday 05/11/2021) we are down again.


Connection on and off for about 2-3 hours every 10-15 minutes. This time, for some reason, we ended up on “winning side” and 30Mbps came back. Success right? Wrong again...


Today morning (after 3 full days connected), at approx. 10am we have been cut out again. Speed test gives me now speeds of 0.7Mbps download and 0.3 upload.. Broadband is unusable. Another chat with TT CS and engineer booked again. Just a note, I was half way through a Teams meeting with my boss. Not a good look when you are trying to finish a presentation. Could not stop swearing ....


Now, finally to my question – is it possible that due to some mix up, either TalkTalk or Openreach have sold/used my Fibre slot within street cabinet to somebody else, and disconnected mine in the process? It feels like I am playing a tennis match with another customer, where we keep reporting faults every time one of us is getting disconnected. The other one is happy until Openreach engineer arrives and moves connection from one to the other.


TalkTalk CS does not want to tell me what Openreach engineers have been putting in their notes after their consecutive visits so I am not able to understand why I am being disconnected. This is despite the fact that Openreach engineers told me to speak to TalkTalk the day after the visit if I want to know what was the issue.


Can anybody shed some light on my case? I would really want to get to the bottom of it asap. I cannot work from home like this.


Thank you in advance.


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Hi @Paulusek


I can investigate this I first need to confirm some security questions 


I have sent you a PM on the community



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Hi @Debbie-TalkTalk & @Michelle-TalkTalk ,


Just when I thought I can forget about this experience I was issued latest Bill. According to it, I am being charged £65.00 for engineers visit on Tuesday 09/11/2021. The same visit that determined a fault at cabinet (for the 3rd time in 2 months) and where actual works have been done within cabinet to restore my connection.


This is getting a little bit farcical now. I had no internet for 7 days in September, TT issued me a credit note in October's bill making me think that my November bill will be reduced. Now, I had no internet for 6 days (or had one but not usable at all) and I am being charged for it.


To add insult to injury, after contacting TT CS over the phone, first 15 minutes wait ended in dropped line, during second call I was transferred to Technical Team which dropped me too. I was under impression that when call will be interrupted I will contacted straight away but 10 minutes passed and still nothing.


Can either of you advice me what to do with this? I strongly disagree with the charge being imposed on me and I am pretty sure I will be charged that amount because bill was already generated. 


I am quite angry and disappointed in how this is being dealt with so would appreciate your advice.


Kind Regards


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Hi @Michelle-TalkTalk, all good so far. I will see how it goes for the next few days as last week all was good for good 3-4 days and I lost connection.

If anything will happen, I will let you know.


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Thanks for the update. How is your connection at the moment?




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Ok, thank you @Debbie-TalkTalk.

Notes are not very comprehensive and socket was replaced in September but at least there is something there.

According to this engineer there is no notes from previous visit by another engineer on 03/11/2021 so this is an improvement.

Thank you again for your help.



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Hi Paulusek


These were the engineers notes from yesterday - dated 09/11


The engineer said the master socket was upgraded - NTE not faulty but changed NTE to latest version of NTE to enable isolation of internal wiring.


The engineer completed a line optimisation and the sync speed increased.





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Thank you Debbie-TalkTalk for checking.


These notes sound like those of an engineer who visited back in Spetember. I believe it was either 22nd or 23rd of September.


It was then that my master socket was replaced to 5C type and my secondary socket was disconnected.


Maybe today's visit was not reported on the notes yet?




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Hi Paulusek


Thanks for your reply.


I've checked and the engineer hasn't really left many notes.


The engineer said the master socket was upgraded - NTE not faulty but changed NTE to latest version of NTE to enable isolation of internal wiring.


The engineer completed a line optimisation and the sync speed increased.

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Hi Debbie-TalkTalk,


Engineer arrived early and it took him approx. 3 hours to investigate. Left my flat with me re-connected before midday so if there are any notes on the system please let me know. Even though, he tried very hard to answer all my questions, not all explanation were 100% clear to me (my little technical knowledge to blame here).


From what I understood, engineer checked my line from within my flat using various tests.

  1. Initially there was suspicion of a "break in wire" approx. 23m from my master socket. This indicated a communal "DP" box on the ground floor of my block of flats. Turns out all was in order  there.
  2. Second point was identified as possible issue, was a break approx. 37m away from "DP" box. Engineer investigated wiring inside a manhole outside the block, but no problems were found there either.
  3. Lastly, at their cabinet, engineer found poorly joined wires. To fix this, he had to replace a 10-slot strip (cannot remember full name) after which I was back online. Nine other customers were possibly affected during that works for approx. 20-30 minutes so if there were reports of lines being down – this was it.

I do not know this guy's name but big thanks for thoroughly investigating my problem.


Possible explanation to me being back online for 3 days last week and then back off again, was that system when recognised a fault, boosted my speeds and then, as the line tries to "settle" itself, went down again. Not sure if this helps.


I hope that the part replaced over at the cabinet, will now keep me connected permanently. Shame that I was on and offline for so long without somebody realising what was the issue back in September.


Thank you again for all the input in here.


I would still like to hear from you if there are more accurate notes left by engineer on your system.


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Hi Paulusek


That's great, thank you for letting me know.




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Thank you Debbie-TalkTalk,


Engineer just called and is on his way. Will confirm what he says after.



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Thank you martswain,


Just checked and the exact description is: VDSL2_ANNEX_B (see attached).

Speed tested however is just 5ish Mbps (down) which is much better than 1 or less last night but still not 25 or over.

Appreciate your input. Will be checking if this ever changes.


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@Paulusek  you can tell instantly whether you are on fibre or ADSL by logging into your router interface at and viewing the connection type/line standard, you may need to view advanced settings.


Fibre is VDSL (maybe with 2 or + after it) 


ADSL will show just that, also possibly with a suffix

Support Team
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Hi Paulusek


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I can see that this fault is with Openreach and an engineer visit has been arranged for today 09/11 AM (8am - 1pm)


Please let us know once the engineer has attended and we can check the engineers notes/findings.