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Fibre65 under minimum guaranteed download speed

Whizz Kid
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Hi. Fibre 65 package with minimum guaranteed download speed of 42mbps. I'm not sure why such a low guaranteed download speed on this package, when, according to my router stats, my line is capable of a maximum download speed of approximately 75mbps. Currently I'm only getting download speed of 35mbps. This is an on going issue and I'm tempted to cancel my direct debit because I don't want to pay when I'm not getting the service I'm paying for. Seems like TalkTalk are happy to take my money every month, but aren't that concerned with providing the service I'm paying for. That's how most big companies operate these days. Please can this issue be sorted. Thank you.

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Support Team
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Hi WaRRioR1976,


Line test is clear but I can see that DLM has moved you to slower profiles over the last few days. Is your router currently connected to your test socket?