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Finally Leaving TalkTalk !!

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After 30 odd year I'm leaving TalkTalk, I've been a customer throughout the AOL/TALKTALK  years, but finally after again having to spend weeks on the phone with TalkTalk after ever Renewal of my contract after a lose of download speed...I give up!


 I've signed up for 5G Home Broadband Hub from a company that is a very small number! costing slightly more with an unlimited Data plan.


I'm totally astonished at my current speeds: 4G = 280mbps / 5G =680mbps 


The beauty of this 5G Hub is that I can take my 5G hub anywhere in 71 countries (No Roaming Charges) and it'll give me superspeed connections even if there is no 5G connectivity, it'll simply drop to 4G.


If this company can do this, why can't TalkTalk supply the same service.


It's like going from a 1970's TV to the latest 8K Smart OLED TV.


I'm not advising anyone to dump TalkTalk, I'm just relaying my recent experience! 


I'm very sorry! to be leaving!!

Danny Easson (Victim of Speed)

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I'm really sorry to hear this and I hope everything goes well with your new ISP.