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Flashing orange light. No internet connection?

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Hi, are there any issues around my area which could be affecting my internet?

I came home from work yesterday and my router had an orange flashing light with no connection. 

I used my mobile data to look around on here but couldn't find a solution. I hoped it was some maintenance somewhere and it would be resolved by the time I got home tonight.

It's still the same.

I've tried all the methods, restarting, resetting, I've tried another micro filter.

I have no home phone to test the line and I think my profile is up to date.

I really need this fixed, if someone could let me know I would appreciate it.



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Hi McHaggis1


We have to advise on this timescale to give Openreach time to resolve this fault. This is still in hand with Openreach and they will fix this fault as quickly as possible.





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To be fair, if there was a contact number I would have established the issue on tue evening but as I got lost on the website a dozen times, but could see that somewhere in my country there was an issue with flooding, I left it thinking the problem was being resolved.
On wed evening I realised that the only way to contact was to ???register again??? and go through the *community forum* (not customer service?) and wait for a response.
4.30 in the evening is not late in the day to be putting in a ticket yet it took until the following day for my ticket to even get picked up.
I believe debbie will do everything she can to connect me again, it's certainly not personal, but the process needs to be addressed.
I understand people will be working from home etc due to the covid restrictions but there should still be phone service, my monthly bill didn't drop when talk talk overheads did.
I honestly haven't had a poorer experience with any other service providers.

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Your issue was raised to Openreach as soon as it could have been. 


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I have to say how appalled I am at the customer service of talk talk.

No way of actually contacting anyone to speak to and the website is a mess.

Why do we have to log in separately to the community forum and talk talk account page? 

Why do you have to open new pages in my browser every time so I have loads of pages running at once?

The UI on the website has no clear direction and I end up going in circles opening more browser pages.

When I was checking to see which counties had been affected by the recent flooding I learned that Scotland, 1/3 of land area of uk is classed as 1 county even though there are counties up here. Scotland north and east is a large area.

And now I have to wait days on responses from openreach?

Time to start looking at new providers I think.



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Not great customer service. Escalate and send straight over sound immediate, but we have to wait another 2 days for response from them?
I will have been without internet for 5 days before we discover the problem.
I have invoices to send, banking to sort, wages to send. I'm not happy about having to spend more on mobile data then have to use unstable connections to run my business when I am paying for a service not provided.

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Hi McHaggis1


Thanks for updating your Community Profile.


The line test has detected a possible fault at the cabinet so I have escalated this straight over to Openreach to be investigated by a line engineer.


We should receive further updates within the next 48hrs.





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Hi, I have added my landline number to my community profile

Support Team
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Hi McHaggis1


I'm sorry to hear this.


Please can you add your TalkTalk landline number to your Community Profile, we can then look into this further.