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Free Wi Fi Hub

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I have Faster Fibre 35 and see that I am entitled to a free Wi FI Hub. I still have my original router HG633 but can't find anyway on the TalkTalk site about how to get the Hub without buying it. Can one be sent to me please free which I should have as part of my contract. Thanks.

Tony Jackson

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Hi Tonyfj


No problem 🙂






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Thanks, Debbie.
Tony Jackson

Support Team
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Hi Tonyfj


Sorry for the delay.


I have ordered you a replacement router, please allow 24-48hrs for this to arrive.






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@bluesky51 Please start your own topic, if you upgraded and/or were offered a new hub then your circumstances are different. 


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I also upgraded (to Fibre 65) on 29th April and am waiting for my new free router. Also currently on HG633. The free new router was one of the main reasons I chose to renew/upgrade with TalkTalk.

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"Slow" in what way, wired, wireless, or both? The team can look into this for you. 


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Thanks for your response.

Apart from the fact that existing customers shouldn't be treated worse than a new customer, it clearly says under my existing offers that a WiFi Hub Black is included free for Fibre 35 customers (with a limit of one per household), so it seems unfair that I am not eligible unless my current router (which I've had for many years and can be slow at times) is faulty.

Tony Jackson

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Hi @Tonyfj,


If you upgraded from an older package to Fibre 35 then you would only get automatically sent a new router if the router you originally had was not compatible with the Fibre 35 service. The HG633 fully supports Fibre 35, and so you would not have been sent a new router automatically.


I know that some of the marketing text can be a bit unclear and does give the impression that everyone gets a new router, but I believe that text is only really aimed at brand new customers.


Having said that, it you are having any sort of problem with your current router the staff here would be able to help, and would be able to provide a replacement router if that was necessary.