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Free fibre upgrade offer not free - how to get the free one?!

Whizz Kid
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I have followed other people's threads here who are in the same position as me. Please can the OCE team tell us how to access the free full fibre upgrades they keep talking about, and we keep getting contacted about - but aren't available when you call the phone number on the email.


I have received multiple emails/texts/letters/home visits advising me of a free FTTP upgrade to my service. @SocialTeamJo and @Arne-TalkTalk have wrote on very recent threads that these are genuine free upgrades without any new contract term commitments or price changes (if the email comes from . But this has not been my experience today or in October.


I called 0800 990 3631 today which is the number on the email from They tried to sign me up to a new contract and put me on a new 18/24 month contract - and the increase in speed would cost me £39/month (i currently pay £28/month for Fibre 65 FTTC). I asked them why the team here said it would not change my contract length or price. They said that the system sometimes automatically updates people who have full fibre in the area to get the free upgrade - this way the contract does not change. I asked how I can get this update as I have full fibre connection (not contract) to my house already. She said she did not know but it is not her team that deals with it.


So in short then these emails and texts are marketing emails - they increase the contract length and the price and so these emails are drumming up business for TalkTalk/the fibre suppliers  - which is irritating/illegal as I opted out of marketing emails. The email has a funny line at the bottom saying "this is not a marketing email" - well what is it?


Hoping to save others from the incorrect info given just before my post and by members on this board. It seems some people to genuinely get free upgrades to FTTP but not through the process where I have been bombarded repeatedly - including a semi aggressive home visit which I have reported to the local authority.


Could the OCEs kindly find out for me and others how we access the free upgrade and look into why there is misinformation on the "non-marketing but stay with us longer and pay more" emails/texts/letters from talktalk. I'm not the only one to have reported this on this board.


Finally - how do we ensure that when we do not want marketing emails/comms - they don't happen? 




From: TalkTalk <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2022 at 13:03
Subject: Your free service upgrade is ready **
To: <**>
Hi **,

We recently contacted you about arranging your engineer appointment to upgrade your home to full fibre, as part of a nationwide upgrade.

As a loyal TalkTalk customer your upgrade is available at no extra cost.

You won’t pay any more than you do today, and you’ll get a full fibre broadband service with faster average speeds, that is up to 5x more reliable.
To book your appointment please call our friendly team today on
0800 990 3631
Our team is available 9am-7pm Monday to Friday and 9am-6pm on Saturday.
What is Future Fibre?
Full fibre, or Future Fibre as we call it, replaces the mix of copper cables and fibre that our existing broadband services use. It’s 100% fibre to your home and is up to 5x more reliable. So you get a much better experience when streaming, gaming and working from home.
Why is my home eligible for an upgrade?
We want to upgrade your home to give you a better broadband experience and make sure you aren’t left behind as the UK moves to full fibre technology.
Booking your installation
We need you to call us to book your installation, where we’ll run a fibre cable from the street directly to your home. Our expert engineer will take care of everything, usually in just 2-3 hours and we’ll leave your property just the way it was, except with a better connection of course.
Call 0800 990 3631 to book your upgrade appointment.
Please do not reply to this email, emails are not monitored.
We’re sending you this email because it contains important information about your TalkTalk service. This is not a marketing email.
© TalkTalk Telecom Limited, Soapworks, Ordsall Lane, Salford, M5 3TT
Registered in England & Wales No. 4633015.
I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!

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Thanks for keeping us updated.




Whizz Kid
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Hi community,  @Steamywee @Joe2019 and


Reporting back after a long break! Hope mallorca was lovely? I did a tour of  Portugal and can highly recommend.


The openreach engineer visited my house last Friday as planned. He was courteous, knowledgeable and very professional. He did the job in 10 minutes and said that yes a ONT activation can happen remotely and very quickly. But at the moment they are getting paid the same for both types of jobs (new lines taking hours or ont activation taking minutes). It's a systematic issue, but in the end I was pleased the engineers were benefitting. He thinks it's unsustainable though and I agree. Changing fttp when ont is already installed should be as quick as changing providers when using copper.  Anyway I have 150Mbps dl so can't complain about that.


Also spoke to another OR engineer who told me about some every stressful situations caused by the handling of this free upgrade saga. Lots of customers getting angry at engineers because talktalk were messing up the upgrade processes.


I asked about the 160Mbps product on OR  fttp and they weren't sure why Talktalk were quoting much lower minimum guaranteed speeds than other providers of the fttp 160 product.  There is some sort of review of average customers in each location, so we took this to mean that on the whole talktalk must get lower average speeds?  The end outcome is that you might be stuck with a much lower speed than your line is capable of before talktalk need to do anything about it..


So my personal journey is almost.. Almost done.  I need to make sure I'm on the right profile as my account says fttc65 and Im getting some bad connection problems. That said I'm apparently getting 150Mbps on my 5Ghz band, so the issue is probably the recent firmware upgrade. Also need to check the billing side or things has been sorted,  with my discount and my break clause. As you say@@Steamywee  nothing seems to be easy with Talktalk. It would be brill if things just worked. The firmware update causing vpn issues is really astonishing,  as vpn issues were one of the issues with previous FWs that this upgrade was supposed to fix...



Its exhausting! But I'm getting there. Charlotte Gott at the Ceo's office has been wonderful, understanding and helpful. The whole situation with these upgrades was a shambles and we've been stuck in the middle for months and months...

I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!

Super Duper Contributor
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Hi Nic, just seeing how you’re getting on with your “free”fibre installation.

I'm currently in Mallorca for a month and “we”, a group of friends who co-own our apartment, decided to get the place connected at the end of March.

What a different experience it has been to the tales of frustration I have seen on these forums.

One phone call and we were offered an installation appointment the same day!

That wasn’t convenient and we asked for the next day, …”no problem” came the reply, “11am be OK?”

by 12:30 we were online!

So different to UK.

Having experience now of our full fibre 300mb service, I’m tempted but at the same time could not contemplate the “UK experience”!





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Yep, all the kit  route etc is just the same as BT's   The oly difference is the router they provide for the customer .. in the case of TT is an EERO.. and at the other end of the fibre link trafic is sent to whoever is the service provider .. in this case TT

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I'm not aware of the extended Openreach order dates / engineer availability in your area.  I can understand, in those circumstances, why the order process involves an extended wait for go-live. Simply waiting on Openreach engineer availability if needed, if the service migration fails.


In theory, a switch of service provider could happen anytime. But if TalkTalk gave you and your existing ISP a confirmed go-live date for commencement of service but the migration and remote activation failed then TalkTalk would be liable for auto-compensation of £5.25 for missing the go-live and £5.25 for every day until service was started. Once TalkTalk take over a service they're responsible for delivering that service or offering compensation.


Opinions and stances are mine and not those of TalkTalk.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Whizz Kid
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Hi - Further to issues others have had Re: Installation  - I have an ONT installed and connected up to the openreach network (solid green power light and solid green PON light) - I was given an installation date of 10.5 weeks for Fibre150 (OR FTTP) due to engineer availability.


I have followed the issue and seen that if you provide your ONT serial number (I've put mine in my private notes) and this is paired with an activation code from an openreach job assignment, the activation process is very quick (minutes).


I spoke to Future Fibre live chat today and XavierKhent told me that All ONT's do not have serial numbers 😶🙄 which doesn't inspire a lot of confidence...




However the future fibre tech team at Manchester were lovely and helpful, but are stumped why other ISPs can activate a FTTP connection at my home much quicker than the TalkTalk system is allowing (in Newcastle the current wait times are into June). I have given my serial number and the gentleman confirmed no need for an engineer visit to my home now, remote activation will be undertaken --- but still at the original date which is now 6.5 weeks away


Any insights into what's going on? @Gondola 



I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!

Whizz Kid
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Yes thanks - so as far as I understand there is an openreach 160/30 FTTP offering - and when ISPs are offering this product on the openreach network, its exactly the same product?

I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!

Community Star
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It's not that technical to be honest! If Openreach provide the FTTP connection it is the same for all providers. The various levels of service e.g. speed options they then choose to provide is down to them. Unlike BT, TalkTalk and other ISPs also use different network suppliers, so products may vary accordingly. Hope that helps?


Whizz Kid
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I suppose this is getting technical - but I meant in terms of the physical connection 

When TalkTalk provides us Openreach fibre to the premises - is this using the same lines and equipment as other openreach FTTP providers - e.g. BT ?



I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!

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Hi nic1987,


Do you mean regarding available speeds? 



Whizz Kid
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Are the FTTP openreach connections provided by TalkTalk the same as what other ISPs provide (e.g. BT and Sky?)



I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!

Whizz Kid
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An update for the community

I've just taken a call from the loyalty team (south africa based) 0345 172 0088 - This was organised by the CEO's office


They could still only offer a new contract but have added various clauses to make it a "free upgrade":


-FTTP 150 (Future Fibre 150) - 18 month contract at £24/month

- Discount of £2/month to bring it to the price I'm currently paying

- Break clause in contract at February 2023 so I can leave if I want to, at the same time as my current contract

- Delivery and installation fees waived

- minimum guaranteed speed 75mbps (estimated 122-152)

- no voice service (I don't need) 

- engineer appointment is in May! -  the openreach team can be found on 0345 172 0074



Have taken up this offer as it does not extend my contract term, though I am a bit anxious about things happening smoothly (or not).


Awaiting a further call from CEOs office

I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!

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To confirm,  when you raise an issue to the CEO's office, every other department takes a step back as they are now responsible for your case, add into the mix that you have involved the ICO , we on the community will not get involved. 


Hope you get the resolution that you want.

Community Star
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Hey @nic1987 , I have done nothing other than post factual and accurate information. You are the one who has made disparaging and misleading comments and I have reported them accordingly. 


Whizz Kid
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oh dear @ferguson i feel sorry for you - for some reason you took all of this to heart and act a bit bitter and weird. The TalkTalk CEO's office apologised about your behaviour to me, but the message didn't get through to you I see?

If someone is expecting a phone call and its not going to happen anymore, its courteous to let someone know.


Like I said before, till I raised the issue repeatedly, yourself and others were for some reason denying there was an issue 🤷‍♂️ and telling all of us to just keep calling (i did so 7 times!). I'm glad to have helped others and have thanked the staff and some of the community on here for their input. Ferguson, though, feel free to opt out of 'helping' on this thread. Sure Arne can respond for himself....

I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!

Community Star
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@nic1987 You effectively cancelled the phone call by raising the issue to a higher level, that will cease communications from any other parts of the organisation to avoid interference, a normal part of the escalation process. Don't blame Arne. Other customers issues will continue to be handled without the need for any advice from you. 


Whizz Kid
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Ah you cancelled the phone call? Would have been good to know that..


Yes ceo office have been in touch by email to say I should get a call. as has the dpo at talktalk will update with outcomes.  Looks like we're finally getting somewhere with all of this! Thanks Arne


The gfast offer though different has suffered the same issues. So hope you can sort out the person who's been charged and put on new Contracts when the team have said they shouldn't have.

I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!

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Hi @nic1987


Your issue is different, and I cannot discuss another customers issue with you,  Because your issue was escalated to the ICO our loyalty team have been told  to stand down, as our CEO office will now deal with this and contact you once they have looked into this. 


Hope you get the outcome you want. 


Whizz Kid
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hi @Arne-TalkTalk 

I didn't get a call on Tuesday or yesterday


I also notice on Re: Hidden cost cost of upgrade to Fibre 150, whilst the upgrade is for GFast150 not FTTP -  you are now saying "no extra cost to customers" only covers upgrade/installation charge. And that people can be charged by talktalk for equipment delivery, even though the email and calls do not specify this and you and your colleagues said differently on Re: Free upgrade to Fibre 150 . the gentleman @beppe6 has been charged delivery and put on a new contract, and you seem to be saying that these are the valid terms of free upgrade offer?


If that is now the case please let me and others know, as we were under the impression we would not start new contract terms or paying anything more for the talktalk service free upgrades


many thanks

I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!