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Free upgrade to fibre

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I have just been given a free upgrade to fibre which says I go live on 31/3/2. I was advised to plug the new router in straight away when I received it which I did but the internet completely went down then came back on 5hours later eventually the internet stayed on ,but in the evening the speed drops to so low all devices attached to it stop receiving internet (wireless) .

I'm not very technically minded so rely on you guys to ensure things are running well . It does say that it will stabilise in 14days but cannot cope or wait that long and after reading another post regarding same thing I have turned the new router off and gone back to my old router with a stable internet.  I have daughter at home whom needs to do lectures for university on line and has been unable to attend due to slow internet through the new router so I am sticking to my old router for now till I get some reassurance that the new one will be reliable and cater for my needs 

Thanks Angela 

Angela Beaumont

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I'm sorry to hear this.


Which make and model of router is your old router?


If you would prefer to keep this connected and it's a fibre compatible router then you can continue to use this once the fibre goes live.






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The new router has actually stayed on over night no speed drops no loss of internet but yes I am a little worried if when I go to fibre on 31st my problem will begin again and I'm worried if it will take 2hours everytime it is switched off albeit by accident etc
Angela Beaumont

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Most routers should connect within two or three minutes. Two hours is excessive and suggests something is not as it should be, especially if your old router connects without a problem. If you require steady and reliable internet all the time and can't get that with your new router but can with your old one I suggest you connect your old router and then await the reply from an OCE. Hopefully that may include the offer of a replacement of your new but perhaps faulty router, although they may have other things they can offer which solve your problems.   


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My old router works fine but if the new router is turned off by accident it takes 2hours to reconnect and also speed goes down to virtually no connection so our devices don't have internet then it goes off and takes forever to reconnect. I've been on live chat so they are aware of my situation but I'm getting frustrated as I feel myself it's the router as my line is fine and with the old router my speed is ok for basic broadband . I'm going to see how it goes tonight has it was switched off and the old router was put back on by my partner last night and I only put the new router back on at around 12.30 this afternoon and eventually the new router connected 2hours later at moment am still on let's see
Angela Beaumont

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To speed things up you must ensure your personal details are filled in under 'My Profile' including your talk talk email and your TT landline number and an alternative telephone number like a mobile. This will help the OCEs identify who you are. Do not add personal stuff to this thread.

You can also check your service connection within 'My Account'.

If you have one of the older routers which is ADSL only (non fibre connectivity) and have it connected (rather than the router which you were sent) the exchange will not be able to connect you to fibre.

Finally if your old router works fine and the new router doesn't you are likely to have been sent a faulty router.

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Staff will reply during the week, @AngelaBeaumont.


It's best not to add to your post before getting a reply, to keep your thread moving forward in the queue for attention. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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The only worry I have is if they try and switch me over to fibre whilst on my old router then will it make problems with my internet
Angela Beaumont