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Frequent internet loss since upgrading to Fibre150 from Faster Fibre wish I hadn't bothered

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I had an upgrade on 17th Feb 2021 from Faster Fibre to Fibre150. I had no issues with Faster Fibre which was a god send as having to work from home. However since the upgrade to Fibre150 it's been a nightmare to the point I've had to contact my employer to change my working day because of internet drop outs, it's even affected my Saturday overtime causing me to have to abandon working so losing money because the drop outs are so frequent. Today has been particularly bad. I've checked all the set up & it's correct as the BT engineer set it up. I have no problem with the WIFI connection from the router, it's the BT Modem that is continually losing internet connection. I tried removing the cover from the port to connect to the test port but that was a struggle as it is difficult with Arthritis of the thumbs & I did discover that the new socket is very loose on the wall so reluctant to try again as I don't want to risk it coming away from the wall all together as it was a real struggle last time making sure it didn't. The drop outs are so frequent they connect for a couple of minutes drop out for a couple of minutes. I have had only a couple of days were I've had no issue during the day then it drops out around 4pm on other days it drops out all day & is fine in the evening. I'm at the end of my tether & ready to beg to go back to Faster Fibre & sod the upgrade


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Hi wenipeny,


I'm really sorry that you're continuing to experience problems with your service. If you do just want to go back to Faster Fibre then you'll need to speak to our Loyalty Team, they should be able to arrange this for you (there's a contact number here) - apologies again for any inconvenience 



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Sorry to hear that you are still having problems, I have re-escalated this to the support team for you. 


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Ok that's it I'm off to a new provider asap if this issue isn't sorted. I've had an engineer out on 22nd April who  found an issue outside 10 yards from my front door so sorted that out, replaced the sockets, the cable & the modem. He kept a test device on for 15 mins which showed it working ok & within 5 mins of him leaving it went off again. I accepted that it might be a little off for a couple of days but it is just as bad as it was before the engineer visit. Yet again on Saturday I had to abandon overtime after 4 hrs of struggle because for 4 of the 5 hrs I was expecting to work I had that many internet losses I managed only 14 cases out of the 40 I should do in my 5 hrs. Again today since 07:45 it's been on & off that many times I managed 1 case in the 2 1/2 hrs before having to let my manager know I would abandon today & work on my non working day instead in the hope it's working better. I even had to give up on live chat with the service centre & my attempt with a live chat with complaints as the internet kept being lost. Just get someone to look at the engineers report & get me put back on to Faster Fibre ASAP. Even he said to get off the Fibre150 as soon as I can. I rarely had any issue with Faster Fibre. This has been going on since the change on 17th Feb that's 3 months almost & it's as bad as it ever was. I could have cried with frustration on Saturday & today. I'm begging you please, please just give me Faster Fibre again!!??



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Thanks for the update. We do have new firmware coming soon for the Sagemcom router which we have been advised should be sometime in May. Once this available then your router will be automatically updated.




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Working much better than it was previously, there are still occasional drops of the internet but they are nothing like as bad as before, they haven't lasted for as long as some of the ones I got before the engineer visit.. It's not affected my being able to work which was my main problem. The only thing I have noticed before & since the engineer visit  that even though my computer & the modem show the internet has been lost the router doesn't  & the white light stays on. The engineer suggested that was a fault with the router & if I still had issues to have a new router & to refer to his report.

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I'm glad to hear the engineer has identified and rectified a number of issues with the line.


Please monitor over the weekend and let us know if this is more stable for you.





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Engineer found there was an issue 30 yards away from my master socket which in turn worked out to be 10 yards from my front door. He showed me on his test device how it should show as a steady straight line (as showing on my telephone line) but on the broadband the line wasn't straight. He has changed my master socket, telephone extension socket, put new connectors in the junction 10 yds further up the road from my house were the issue was & also in the connection at my front door. In addition he changed the broadband cable from the master socket to the modem to a different one as he said he personally didn't care for the one the previous  BT engineer had used when he did the upgrade & he also replaced the ethernet cable from the red one sent by talk talk which incidentally must have been stuck in the post some where as I only received that one last Saturday (my upgrade was on 17th Feb), he said the red ones sent by talk talk are no good. After that he kept his testing reader connected for 15 mins to see how everything went & there was no loss typically until after he'd gone. However that was only for a couple of minutes & has done that a couple of times but I assumed that would happen until everything adjusted itself following all the replacement connections. So as instructed by an email from Talk Talk I'm now seeing how it goes over the next couple of days. He did say if all that doesn't resolve the issue then the only other thing would be a replacement router & to direct Talk Talk to his report as he also pointed out that as soon as I could to get changed over to Super Fast Fibre as that would be a better option for me as I don't need the Faster 150  as I'm in a small bungalow so I don't really need the Faster speeds. Even on the Faster Fibre I had previously I could get my WIFI in every room in the bungalow without problem. I'll let you know how it goes over the next couple of days, tomorrow & Monday will be the big test as I'm working overtime tomorrow & Monday is usually the day I have most problems when I'm working


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ok thanks

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Hi wenipeny,

I've booked the engineer for tomorrow morning (April 22 2021, 8am-1pm), please let us know how you get on



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I'm available all day, I won't be available Mon & Tue as those are my working days & I won't be available on the 28th & 29th April or on the 21st May. I have no option but to accept the potential charges in order to find out if it's a fault or BT Openreach Fibre that's just rubbish

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Hi wenipeny,


Apologies for the delay. if you'd like us to go ahead with the engineer visit can you confirm:

  • That you accept potential Engineers charges
  • Provide availability, either AM (8am to 1pm) or PM (1pm to 6pm) between Monday to Friday.

I've also sent you a PM to confirm some other details 




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Getting this sorted seems to have stalled as had no response to my last private message to Debbie on 7th April. I've done all the tests that have been suggested. i.e. connecting direct to the BT Modem & taking the cover off the master socket all of which have shown that the internet still drops whatever way it's connected. It even at one  caused issues with my TV Guide. The only thing I can see is that it looks to me as though even the so called master socket is not actually a master socket as such as from what I can see it's not a direct contact to the outside line. It appears to me that the connection comes in at the front door & then it's wired through to the lounge at the back of the bungalow were the master socket has been located. When I first moved into the bungalow in 2016 it was wired up for Virgin, Openreach & Sky but it was only Virgin that was in use, Then I changed to Talk Talk after about a year and when the BT engineer came to install he looked at the BT Openreach socket at the back of the TV & said "thats ok we can just use that as it's already wired up", there was an extension socket for the telephone at the opposite side of the room. When they came this time to do the change to Fibre150 from Faster Fibre they just changed the BT Openreach socket that was already there to a different one & since that change over it's been a nightmare for losing the internet. The router stays with a white constant light while the modem will show the green DSL light as fast flickering with the internet light out & sometimes both the DSL & the internet light are out when that happens the router then flashes orange until the 2 lights on the modem come back on. It is so random too as I can go virtually all day until around 4pm with very little issue & then it starts constantly on & off every few seconds but the next day it can be dropping on & off all day. It was on & off all evening yesterday even at midnight, the other day I had little problem until evening today it has been on & off since logging on at 9:30 am, going off for a minute then on again for a couple of minutes then off again. Even noe I'm sat waiting for it to come back on so I can post this. So I can only think it's either the BT Modem that's at fault, the new master socket that's faulty or the original BT wiring is not up to scratch (don't know how long ago that was installed, the bungalow was built in 1984 & the previous owner had lived in it until I bought ) 


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Hi wenipeny


I'm just sending you a Private Message to confirm some details so we can arrange the engineer visit.






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Hi Michelle I think it may be wise to have an engineer to look at things. The weekend was another nightmare particularly Saturday when I had to wait an hour before I got any internet access which was frustrating as I was again doing some overtime. Luckily I only do 5 hrs out of the 8 hrs available so it just meant starting at 9:30 instead of the planned 08:30 start. (I did find out that BT Openreach were having problems on Saturday so that could have been the issue on Saturday morning)  then  yesterday & today  at around 11:30am on both days it was on & off for about 15 mins before it settled down again. Then on both days it started struggling again at between 4 & 5pm. I've struggled to do this reply because of loss of internet connection, just as I was ready to post it the internet was lost again & had to wait 15 mins before I could post this


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Hi wenipeny,


I'm sorry for the delay. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault, however the connection does look very unstable. If the set up hasn't changed since the engineer set this up then the next step will be to arrange an engineer visit to the property. Would you like to go ahead with this and we can confirm some details with you to arrange this?




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I have asked one of TalkTalk's OCEs to pick your thread up and investigate it for you.

They aim to respond within 48 hours (Monday - Friday), but if more urgent you can always try the Service Centre. The posts are responded to in time/date order, oldest first. Please try to avoid posting on here until TalkTalk have responded to you, otherwise, this will just put you further down the queue.

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