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Fttc Sync Speed slowly dropping over several years

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The speed of my fttc connection has slowly been dropping over the last few years, the connection is otherwise stable.


I have recently started a switch to another provider as my contract was up and upon looking at the renewal my new minimum speed has significantly dropped with talk talk while other providers are offering much higher and in line what i would expect and used to get from my line for many years. dropping from currently a minimum of 65 down to 50.9mbps download if i recontract, other providers offer 73mbps minimums.

Bt wholesale checker shows i should be getting 78 minimum, 80 max with a 74mbps handback threshbold on both clean and impacted line.

For years when fttc first came to the area i had a solid 80/20 mbps sync, with previous router at the time showing the max acheivable sync on the line at 115+mbs once up on a time but current router does not give this info. I am very close to the fttc and pcp cabs and have a short line.


I have had an email from retentions about a problem being identified 

We’re sorry to hear that you’re thinking of leaving us.
We’ve also noticed an issue on your line that we can fix to give you better performance. Simply give us a call on the number below and one of our team will get you sorted and talk you through your options going forward.


So i have called and spoken to tech support about this and had a line test done and its coming back with no problems on the line.


looking on here i see it often suggested to try connecting the router directly to the test port with a filter to bypass the filtered frontplate, I have done this and lost 3mbps down from resyncing, rules out my openreach vdsl faceplate at least, using a brand new filter and new cable from that to router. too.

Was at 64.1mbps before connecting to the test socket,  61.1mbps after.

i seem to drop a little every time the router resyncs, however it rarely does drop out and stays connected for weeks and months at a time and the connection is very stable other than the speed gradually reducing. router stays on 24/7, rare i reset it.

Theres no phone on the line, but i have tested and it sounds good with zero noise and static, its loud and clear.

Only the master socket in the house, no extensions anywhere and short cable from the master socket to modem/router


im using the latest talk talk wifi hub, in the advanced stats it shows the line is capable of a decent bit more that what its actually syncing at..Downstream attentuation seems high, cant remember what its been in the past but i swear its been much lower.

  Actual Rate [Kbps]Maximum Rate [Kbps]Noise Margin [dB]Attenuation [dB]Power [dBm]

Line 1


is there anything more talktalk can look into to find out whats happening with my line before my switchover happens then i can stay and take up the price retentions have offered.


And any reason why talktalks minimum speed guarantee is 50.9mbps while its 73 from others on my line which is inline with bt wholesales 74mbps handback threshold for the line.


Support Team
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the line is in sync at 61mb.  All line tests are clear, no issues are detected and no errors on the line.


The profile is correctly set at 80mb.   An engineer could be sent but there are no guarantees that the speed would improve.






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