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Fullfibre free upgrade

First Timer
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Currently on Fibre35, received an email from Talktalk saying that I'm getting a free upgrade to fullfibre and that an engineer is coming to install fullfibre on 23rd Dec
I haven't asked for an upgrade but they appear to be insisting I have to have one, so i contact Talktalk city fibre to cancel the installation and am assured it is done
Then 10 days later a new router arrives, so I phone again has the installation been cancelled,
"erm no it's now on the 26th Jan", can you cancel it for me, "sorry I can't you'll have to speak with Talktalk"
Hello Talktalk can you cancel the installation of fullfibre,? "sorry Sir there's no order so it can't be cancelled" but there is an order and I have a new router too, nothing I can do you'll have to speak with Talktalk city fibre, If I take the upgrade to fullfibre will I stay on the same tariff, "no you'll have to change" ok can you cancel the upgrade, "no you'll have to speak to Talktalk city fibre

Anyone know how I can cancel a free upgrade to a higher tariff that I don't want?


Whizz Kid
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@Ourian I had similar experiences to you - disjointed teams managing this and the offer of a "free upgrade" was not a free upgrade at all. I think the communications from TalkTalk around this aren't clear enough

I am a customer just like you. I'll try to help based on my experiences over the years getting issues sorted out in my TalkTalk services!

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Would it not have been easier All Round that a simple email was sent to the customer just to explain all that. That way stops any confusion and stress!

Support Team
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Hi Ourian


the upgrade is not on a higher tarrif, your contract status doesn't change neither does your price, we are simply giving you better connection speeds as it is available for you. 


Sorry for any confusion 

Community Star
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I am not sure I understand what has happened here, but why would you contact City Fibre if it was TalkTalk who offered you the upgrade? And why would you turn down a free upgrade to Full Fibre?


Enlightened One
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Remember you are dealing with TalkTalk nothing is a easy as that. Its all fun and games in the land of TT 🙂